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Are you agile ? - Mobile app development services


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Are you agile? Mobile app development services. A brief on fast and furious mobile app minimum viable product development for Android and iPhone
Agile vs waterfall process of mobile app development.
What our customers get when they outsource mobile app development services to - Custom Software Projects Agile Process
We offer a full range of software developers' services, mobile development iphone or Android, and deployment expertise using Agile, best-of-breed solutions, and engineering excellence. We work per Agile methodology in sprints. We do iterations, iterations, iterations and iterations till we....! A Scrum team has a dedicated app owner who serves as the representative of the customer that is, he advocates what is in your, the customer's, best interest in the mobile app or software development project. As the business development team works with a potential customer to flesh out the scope of the project, the app owner is working with you to further define requirements which can then be presented to our technical teams for software development effort estimation.
By getting involved in the mobile app project before the contract has been signed, our app owner can help our customers define a clear overview of mobile app challenges that they are trying to solve. The app owner works with the client to write the mobile app user workflow, including acceptance criteria that define the tests the app must pass in order to be considered finished. The app owner presents a release plan to the customer, which lays out the collection of features that the app owner intends to develop in each sprint. This allows the product owner to focus the scrum team on delivering the MVP, the minimum viable product to the client.

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Are you agile ? - Mobile app development services

  1. 1. Are you agile? Mobile app development -
  2. 2. Fast iteration of MVP Are you waiting for months before starting to test and launch your app? Is your mobile road map managed by traditional IT services companies or remote freelancers who are failing to add speed, quality and value to your mobile strategy? MVP: Minimum viable product
  3. 3. See the app develop! We use app development frameworks which are a combination of the best of both worlds : Custom development (native app build from scratch) with platform components (plug & play front end & backend modules to speed development) based on your needs.We are not your typical IT services shop.
  4. 4. Efficient solutions for customers In a world of consumption, the product or service that provides the most value is the one that will beat other products or services. The more efficiently you can provide your customers with adequate solutions and motivations to use your app the better you can provide value. In the end, the company that adapts the fastest to the ever-changing value streams of consumers, is the company that is going to beat their competition.
  5. 5. From waterfall to agile The key to being a successful company is providing evolving value to customers. Agile is helping businesses do this. The philosophy is in contrast to the old style of business planning and management that sought to create the perfect business plan, the perfect well …‘waterfall’.
  6. 6. Never finished mindset We iterate mobile app development sending it up the faster app stores weekly. Customers can get the feel of things to be done. Of course it brings the ‘dreaded’ additional scope creep! Indicative of the agile, never finished, mindset that has been helping businesses build and maintain good patronage.
  7. 7. Mobile apps and games Some of our mobile products available in Google playstore or Opera app store
  8. 8. Feedback What other frameworks are guiding business in a market of changing values? Is Agile just a fad? Or is it the way to success and the future?Please send your feedback. Website: Email: