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Shift Left, Shift Right and improve the centre


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A strategy for testers in Continuous Delivery Context (DevOps)

Published in: Engineering
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Shift Left, Shift Right and improve the centre

  1. 1. Shift Left, Shift Right and Improve the centre A strategy for testers in a continuous delivery context Augusto Gus Evangelisti
  2. 2. Why you should listen to an old man with a pig on his t-shirt?
  3. 3. Warning: by the end of this talk you might hate me
  4. 4. When did I think about doing a talk on this?
  5. 5. What is CD? “Continuous delivery (CD) is a software engineering approach in which teams produce software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time. It aims at building, testing, and releasing software faster and more frequently.” - Wikipedia
  6. 6. What is CD?
  7. 7. Some myths CD can work only for websites, it does not work for complex things CD can work only in non regulated industries Teams that do CD have very buggy software
  8. 8. Myth #1 - CD can work only for websites, it does not work for complex systems
  9. 9. Myth #2 - CD can work only in non regulated industries
  10. 10. Myth #3 - Teams that do CD have very buggy software
  11. 11. Myth #3 - Teams that do CD have very buggy software
  12. 12. Discuss Pick 2 people next to you and discuss the answer to the question “why do organisations use continuous delivery?” - 3 minutes
  13. 13. Benefits
  14. 14. Now let me tell you my story
  15. 15. Caveat to my story I will tell you the story of how we transformed PaddyPower into a high performing continuous delivery organisation. I will tell you what I learned from it. I will not tell you “This is how you have to do it”, but I hope you will find some of the lessons I have learned useful for your context. (Gus)
  16. 16. Let’s start from the end
  17. 17. My first day in PP I saw this
  18. 18. First thing that worked for us The industry calls it DEvOps
  19. 19. Quiz had 8 teams with around 50 developers, 8 BAs, 8 POs a How many testers did we have?
  20. 20. Answer Acceptable answer #1: 3 Acceptable answer #2: 77 50 dev, 8 BAs, 8 POs, 8 Sister eng. and 3 Testers
  21. 21. Quality became the priority for everybody
  22. 22. Testing activities shift
  23. 23. Shift Left activities Reduce complexity BDD Test automation Pair programming Code reviews Mob programming
  24. 24. More Shift Left activities Designing a lean product (Impact Mapping/LeanUX) Improve testability Reduce multitasking through WIP Design for resilience Design for availability Design for performance
  25. 25. Improve the centre activities Pair exploratory testing with developers
  26. 26. Shift Right activities • Monitoring customers use of the product • Analysing customer’s feedback for future products • Canary releases
  27. 27. How did 3 testers manage to do all this?
  28. 28. Communication became more central than ever We needed to communicate with all sorts of different people We needed to gain people’s trust We needed to understand different points of view and expectations
  29. 29. What skills did I work on? Active Listening Empathy Infulencing
  30. 30. Active Listening Listen for what people have to say, do not prepare an answer while somebody is talking to you. Use positive body language and reinforce the conversation by paraphrasing (or restating) what you just heard
  31. 31. Empathy Perspective taking Refrain from judgement Recognising emotions Sharing our acknowledgement
  32. 32. Empathy Can we rejoice for other people’s success?
  33. 33. Influencing others, let’s learn from salesmen!
  34. 34. The science in context is Psychology
  35. 35. I like these 2, let’s try Reciprocity Consensus
  36. 36. Collaboration was vital
  37. 37. Testing community of practice
  38. 38. I said “at least” one
  39. 39. Can you do it?
  40. 40. To finish Deliver fast Deliver often but most of all HAVE FUN DOING IT! Thank you!