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Sewing thread production line

Sewing Thread production technological developments

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Sewing thread production line

  1. 1. No. 4 Textile Mill Pwint Phyu & Yoon Wadi Kyaw Co., Ltd.
  3. 3.  Sewing thread is smooth, evenly spun, hard twisted ply yarn, thread by a special finishing process to make it resistance to stresses in its passage through the eye of a needle and through the material involved in seaming and stitching operation.
  4. 4. Type of Sewing Thread in Garment Industry  Polyester Core Spun Threads  Spun Polyester Threads  Staple Spun Cotton Threads  Textured Polyester Threads  Polyester Cotton Core Spun Threads  Embroidery Viscose Rayon Sewing Threads  Trilobal Polyester Threads
  5. 5. Polyester Core Spun Threads  This type of threads is produced by spinning polyester fiber around a core of high tenacity continuous filament polyester in spinning operation. Two or more of these composite yarns are then twisted together to give the necessary size and tensile strength.  Uses: Mainly use in topstitching of shirts, blouses, trousers, sportswear, jeans and work cloths.
  6. 6. Spun Polyester Threads  Staple polyester fibers are spun into polyester yarn. Then two or more polyester yarns are twistted together to produce spun polyester threads.  Uses: Mainly used for seaming of shirts, trousers, knitwear, jackets, blouses etc.
  7. 7. Staple spun cotton threads  Normally long staple cotton fibers are spun into cotton yarn. Then two or more ply of spun cotton yarn are twisted together to produce spun cotton threads.  Mainly used in sewing cotton garments especially for knitted fabric.
  8. 8. Textured Polyester threads  Made from textured continuous polyester filament.  Uses: Mainly used in seams of high softness .e.g. underwear, swimwear, babywear etc.
  9. 9. Polyester Cotton Core spun Threads  Made of polyester filament in the core and staple cotton fiber which warps polyester filament. Two or three of these yarns are twisted together to be thread.  Uses: fine cotton denim shirts, outdoor wear etc.
  10. 10. Embroidery Viscose Rayon Sewing Threads  Viscose Rayon is a multiple filament, twisted, high- sheen continuous fiber thread. It has the bright appearance.  Uses: embroidery for garments.
  11. 11. Trilobal Polyester Threads  Newly developed polyester fiber to improve the dullness of usual polyester fiber.  Trilobal is a multifilament, twisted, high sheen continuous fiber thread. It has the same bright appearance such as rayon, silk. Triangular shaped fiber reflect more light and give an attractive sparkle to textiles.  Uses: embroidery for garments.
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