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Mentoring developers-php benelux-2014


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How to train the next generation of Masters One of the best ways to move yourself forward as a developer is to have mentors who can help improve your skills, or to be a mentor for a newer developer. Mentoring isn’t limited to just ‘hard’ or technical skills, and a mentoring relationships can help in all aspects of any career – be it open source, a day job, or something else entirely. Learn some skills and tips from people who make mentoring an important aspect of their lives. From how to choose a mentor and what you should expect from a relationship as a padawan, to how to deal with the trials and successes of the person you are mentoring as they grow in their career. Also learn about setting up mentorship organizations, from the kind inside a company to one purely for the good of a community.

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Mentoring developers-php benelux-2014

  1. 1. Mentoring Developers
  2. 2. Take someone with raw potential…
  3. 3. And turn them into something useful
  4. 4. Your definition of useful may vary
  5. 5. What is Mentorship?
  6. 6. Formal or Informal
  7. 7. Professional or Personal
  8. 8. Long or Short Term
  9. 9. Group or Peer
  10. 10. Why Mentorship?
  11. 11. Information Technology moves FAST
  12. 12. Role Modeling We all need a hero
  13. 13. Advice No man(or woman..or cat) is an island.
  14. 14. Networking To get to where you need to go, find the folks you need to know
  15. 15. Interaction Humans are social animals
  16. 16. Why Mentor Others?
  17. 17. Learning
  18. 18. Recognition
  19. 19. Networking
  20. 20. Reciprocation
  21. 21. Intangibles
  22. 22. Personal Tales Anecdotes stick around
  23. 23. Beginning Developer
  24. 24. What is expected of a beginning apprentice? 1. Try to find it on your own first 2. Ask questions, lots of questions, but never the SAME questions 3. Don’t be afraid to question “why?” but also be open to the answers – show respect 4. You will be pushed outside your comfort zone
  25. 25. Intermediate Developer
  26. 26. What is expected of an intermediate apprentice? 1. Branch out beyond what you think you need to know into new areas 2. Have faith that the support you need will be there when you ask for it 3. Continue to reach out in new directions to new people, but keep your older contacts close as well 4. Remember that failure breeds success
  27. 27. Advanced Developer
  28. 28. What is expected of an advanced apprentice? 1.Your mentorship relationship is more peer to peer, more give and take 2.Have respect for those who mentor you, but realize they are just people too 3.Sometimes real life gets in the way 4.Never stop learning and growing 5.Give back (time to get your own apprentice)
  29. 29. Advanced Developer
  30. 30. What does an advanced dev need from a mentor? 1.Support and encouragement 2.Feedback loops for coding improvements 3.A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and less help with fixing things 4.Help with those steps out of the comfort zone
  31. 31. Intermediate Developer • Some day that boy is gonna get me killed
  32. 32. What does an Intermediate dev need from a mentor? 1.Stretching of their coding boundaries 2.Networking connections and introductions to others 3.Encouragement to leave the comfort zone 4.Positive role model for moving ahead
  33. 33. Beginning Developer
  34. 34. What does a beginner need from a mentor? 1. Best Practices 2. Positive Feedback 3. Resources for their own research 4. NO SPOONFEEDING
  35. 35. Apprentice to Master They grow up too soon…
  36. 36. Successful Mentoring How to get in on the good stuff
  37. 37. Find a partner 1. Personality 2. Skills 3. Availability 4. Drive
  38. 38. Decide on goals 1. Ongoing 2. Together 3. Evolving 4. Specific
  39. 39. Communicate 1. Talk 2. Listen 3. See 4. Make Time
  40. 40. Exit Strategy 1. Change the goals 2. Change the relationship 3. Say Goodbye 4. Run away screaming
  41. 41. People Change, Relationships too
  42. 42. Remember: It takes two
  43. 43. Rules of an Apprentice 1.Take responsibility for career goals 2.Listen and share 3.Incorporate feedback given 4.Make time for interaction 5.Have realistic expectations and approach the relationship with honesty
  44. 44. Rules of a Mentor 1.Trust and Respect 2.Listen 3.Help apprentice define and achieve goals 4.Offer advice, references, resources, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback 5.Give support when apprentice succeeds, and when they fail
  45. 45. When things go wrong… • • • • Mismatch in expectations Mismatch in personality Breaches of trust Lack of focus
  46. 46. Remember: Failure is good!
  47. 47. Mentoring (in) Organizations
  48. 48. Do the Mentor thing Be the solution
  49. 49. List your strengths
  50. 50. List your weaknesses
  51. 51. Set personal goals
  52. 52. Meet new people
  53. 53. Speed Date
  54. 54. Learn, and teach
  55. 55. WIN!
  56. 56. The Challenge
  57. 57. About Me    IRC – freenode – auroraeosrose  #php-gtk #coapp and others
  58. 58. Questions? More mentorship organizations?
  59. 59. Resources: