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Kairos of Twitter for Rhetoric Studies

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Kairos of Twitter for Rhetoric Studies

  1. 1. Kairos of Twitter for Rhetoric Studies Sherry Jones Philosophy, Rhetoric, Composition @autnes
  2. 2. Definitions of Kairos in Rhetoric ● ● ● ● The Opportune, Critical, or Right Moment for Speech A Moment Pregnant with Crises and Contingencies The Situational Context “Aristotle himself identifies kairos as intrinsically related to audience--that is, it is important to get the attention of the audience, but to occasionally choose a moment to re-awaken them to the attention of the speaker. That moment, recognized, chosen and acted upon, is kairotic or interchangeably, kairic.” -- Kairos
  3. 3. Kairos in Modern Rhetoric “Appeals to kairos in written form try to make use of the particular moment—attempting to capture in words what will be immediately applicable, appropriate, and engaging for a particular audience. Kairos is timeliness, appropriateness, decorum, symmetry, balance— awareness of the rhetorical situation or ‘the circumstances that open moments of opportunity’ (Kinneavy; Sipiora; Vatz; Bitzer; Hill 217).” -- Writing Commons
  4. 4. Kairos of Technology “Simply put, technology has both sped up and changed written communication, opening up new senses of context and timeliness for writers. As numerous scholars (Hawisher, Selfe, Moran, Johnson-Eilola, Doherty, et al) have noted, e-mail and other online writing present both writers and readers with unique new rhetorical contexts” -- Kairos
  5. 5. Kairos of Twitter The following constraints help create Opportune Situational Contexts in Twitter: ● Current Issues (Hashtags) ● Language (Textspeak) ● Audience (Followers) ● Rhetor’s Ethos (Popularity)
  6. 6. Issue Constraint: Hashtags ● Hashtags are topics/issues that structure the dialectic of tweets. ● Adding a hashtag to a tweet allows the Rhetor to connect with others based on a topic/issue of concern (establishing connection beyond the personal). ● Hashtags reveal momentous current issues of concern within seconds of posting. ● Hashtags are invitations for opportune speech. (Revealing kairotic moments).
  7. 7. #Profchat
  8. 8. Language Constraint: Tweets ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 140 Characters (Creative crafting of language) Lulspeak (aka Textspeak) - ex. c u den, IMHO, l8r Leetspeak - ex. I33t, s|<1llz, h4x0r International - Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, etc. Veiled and Unveiled Political Statements Advertising Trolling Commentary (Both Laymen and Professional Views) Identification and Verification of ideas Links as “Proof” to one’s tweet.
  9. 9. Lulspeak vs. Leetspeak
  10. 10. Audience Constraint: Followers Followers are attracted to those with similar interests. Followers are aware of current events. Followers can be global thinkers (international). Followers provide dialogs with cultural contexts. Followers spread the rhetor’s ideas like wildfire. (Recognizing privacy vs. public speech as part of Digital Citizenship) ● Followers offer instant feedback (to challenge/resist the rhetor’s tweet/assumption) ● ● ● ● ●
  11. 11. Kairotic Moments in Favorited Tweet ● Popular tweets are “favorited” or “retweeted.” ● Popular tweets capture the opportune time to address current issues of concern. ● A single tweet contains ingredients of kairotic moments that have been acted upon by the Rhetor. ● The Rhetor becomes a part of the kairotic moments as he/she contributes tweets to issues of concern. ● Rhetor’s Twitter ID builds Rhetor’s Ethos; Rhetor’s Ethos adds value to Rhetor’s Twitter ID.
  12. 12. Favorited Tweet
  13. 13. Context Collapse of Tweets ● “It is context collapse: an infinite number of contexts collapsing upon one another into that single moment of recording . . . The little glass lens becomes the gateway to a blackhole sucking all of time and space – virtually all possible contexts – in upon itself.” -- Michael Wesch ● In Media Res (In the Midst of Things) Narrative - Story opens with dramatic action rather than exposition. ● Foreignness of tweets invite the audience to further investigate so to contextualize the tweets’ rhetoric.
  14. 14. Context Collapse
  15. 15. Rhetorical Context Crises and Contingencies: Twitter Bots ● Automated Twitter Bots proliferate the Twittersphere to “negotiate” or “alter” meaning of others’ rhetoric. ● Twitter Bots fight against the integrity of tweets by adding texts to the tweets to further confuse or subvert the contexts of those tweets. ● Twitter bots often serve as the “spectrums” of a tweet’ s meaning, applying different interpretative lenses on a single thought.
  16. 16. Twitter Bots - Stealth Mountain vs. Tofu
  17. 17. Questions? Comments? Sherry Jones Philosophy, Rhetoric, Composition @autnes