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Information management 3


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Learning Resource for Construction Industry professionals

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Information management 3

  1. 1. Information Management 3 Jayadeva de Silva
  2. 2. Computer Aided Design and Visualizations
  3. 3. Building Engineering Applications
  4. 4. HVAC • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is designed to achieve the environmental requirements of the comfort of occupants and a process. • HVAC systems are more used in different types of buildings such as industrial, commercial, residential and institutional buildings
  5. 5. Computer Aided Cost Estimates
  6. 6. Planning Scheduling and Site Management
  7. 7. Simulation
  8. 8. Computer Aided Facilities Management
  9. 9. Business and Information Management
  10. 10. Integration
  11. 11. Current Communication Technologies for the Construction sector
  12. 12. Summary