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The theology of body


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Published in: Education
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The theology of body

  1. 1. H E F T y O G LO Y EO OD H B T ETH NS E TE F OR
  2. 2. What is the Theology of the Body?The Theology of the Body refers to the series of 129lectures given by Pope John Paul II during his Wednes-day audiences in Rome between September 1979 andNovember 1984. These addresses were later compiledand published as a single work entitled The Theology ofthe Body According to John Paul II (now called Male andFemale He Created Them). The Theology of the Bodycovers such topics as the bodily dimension of the humanperson, the nature of human sexuality, the human needfor communion, and the nature of marriage.
  3. 3. The Theology of the Body is and articulation of the faith thatis intended to enrich the lives of all people. CommentatorEmily Stimpson describes it in this way:“The Theology of the Body is more than an exposition of theChurch’s teachings on human sexuality. It is, in fact, theCatholic sacramental worldview, understood, structured, andarticulated for a culture plagued by a diseased understandingof man. When properly understood and truly lived, thatworld- view has the power to transform the way men andwomen understand their bodies and their souls, theirmasculinity and femininity, their vocation in this life, andtheir destiny in the next” (Franciscan Way, Autumn 2007).
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