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AWS Partner ConneXions Online – New Year Edition - AWS re:Invent 파트너 키노트

AWS Partner ConneXions Online – New Year Edition 의 AWS re:Invent Re:Cap 내용 전달 드립니다.

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AWS Partner ConneXions Online – New Year Edition - AWS re:Invent 파트너 키노트

  1. 1. re:Invent 파트너 키노트 업데이트 강동진님 Partner Development Manager AWS Korea
  2. 2. What does it take to reinvent? 리인벤트 일정 : 2020년 11월30일 ~ 12월18일 (3주) 1. Watch Session On-Demand 2. New Contents (January 12~14) 파트너 키노트 일정 : 2020년 12월4일 파트너 트레이닝 : Training and Certification 메뉴 아래 위치 Global Partner Summit : APN 프로그램을 활용한 ‘Build’, ‘Market’, ‘Sell’ Register @
  3. 3. What does it take to reinvent? The leadership will to invent and reinvent Acknowledgement that you can’t fight Gravity Talent that’s hungry to invent Solving real customer problems with builers Speed Don’t complexify Use the platform with the broadest and deepest set of tools Pull everything together with aggressive top-down goals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  4. 4. 컨설팅 파트너 테크놀러지 파트너 SaaS Boost SaaS Lens For Well acrhi. tool ISV Partner path ISV Accelerate Program 3 New Competencies
  5. 5. What is it? -오픈소스기반의바로실행가능한레퍼런스환경 What is it? - Accelerate SaaS Delivery - Focus on Core Value - Simplify SaaS operation
  6. 6. whitepapers.sort-by=item.additionalFields.sortDate&wa-lens- whitepapers.sort-order=desc What is it? - 파트너사의 SaaS architecture를 Review하고 개선을통해‘디자인선택’의비지니스영향도를. 이해할수있도록지원하는 Tool 파트너사 주요 혜택 - Cloud의 Architectural Best practice에대한학습 - Best practice 비교를통해실행가능한insight 도출 - Reliability, Security, efficiency, Cost – effectiveness
  7. 7. What is it? - Technology 파트너사들과 AWS Sales팀의 연결을 통해서 새로운 비지니스 창출 및 세일 사이클 가속화 지원하는 프로그램 파트너사주요혜택 - Incentives for AWS Sales teams - Drive visibility with AWS Sales - Focused co-sell support and resources - Reduced AWS Marketplace listing fees
  8. 8. 주요 Requirements - ACE를통해서파트너옵티제출 - 직전24개월내Technical Baseline Review 완료 - APN Fee ($2,500) - 직전12개월내최소20개의Launched Opportunity +MRR $30,000 이상또는$350,000 Direct - 직전12개월내파트너비지니스플랜 제출 + 2개의Public Reference + webpage 노출 - 지속적으로업데이트되는Field Ready Kit : Sales Brief, Solution Brief - ACE를통해12개월동안10개의Validated Oppty 필요
  9. 9. What is it? - ISV 파트너들이 APN 프로그램을 활용하여 AWS에서 솔루션을 구축, 마케팅 및 판매 할 수 있도록 구축된, 간소화된 파트너 Journey 파트너사 주요 혜택 -APN tier 기준에상관없이, AWS 비지니스시작가능 -APN tier 기준보다는솔루션Readiness에집중 -컨설팅파트너사도지원가능
  10. 10. What’s changing? Simplified requirements Tier 요구사항제거 Recognition and engagement across all solution types Badging based on Solutions : Foundational Technical Review Service Ready and Competency Validated Foundational Technical Review (FTR) - Production Workload specific Review - Security, Reliability, Operational best practice 관점 연회비 : $2,500 (1x per partner)
  11. 11. Thank you! PDM 강동진