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Travel spotlight: European Cooking Classes


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Ayla Choudhery shares a brief presentation about European cooking classes.

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Travel spotlight: European Cooking Classes

  1. 1. Travel Spotlight: European Cooking Classes Ayla Choudhery
  2. 2. Whether you are traveling internationally or domestically, it is always important to sample the native cuisine as it can be a thorough insight into the culture of a region. One of the best ways to experience a foreign cuisine is through a cooking class.
  3. 3. Many travelers often reap the benefits of eating out at restaurants while exploring, however cooking classes are becoming increasingly popular especially overseas in eastern and western Europe. So if you are traveling overseas, here are 4 cooking classes to keep an eye out for in some of the landmark cities.
  4. 4. Taught in the personal kitchen of Paule Caillet is this world renowned cooking experience. The classes are taught in small groups of 9 or less, and are a full 6 hours. This class starts with a full tour of the french market, before settling into the kitchen to start the preparation. As one could assume, the cuisine is a French style known as bourgeoise, and is considered to be the soul of France. When booking a class here, be sure to allocate a full day, including room for a small nap after. Promenades Gourmandes With Paule Caillet Paris, France
  5. 5. Tuscookany is a world renowned cooking vacation resort located in the heart of the famous Italian Tuscan Region. Tuscanooky offers cooking classes for participants of all ages making it a perfect experience for the entire family. The classes come in 3 day packages as well as two different one week packages, making this a significant commitment while on vacation. The Tuscanooky staff incorporates breathtaking tours and instructional activities, however they do allow for plenty of rest time in their luxurious villas. Tuscookany Tuscany Region, Italy
  6. 6. If seafood is your thing, then Billingsgate is your place. The Billingsgate Seafood School is a nonprofit program that emphasizes the importance of responsible fishing and how it translates into gourmet cooking. The program offers many specialized programs ranging from knife skills to sushi preparation. Billingsgate has been in the seafood business since the late 1800s, so one can infer that they have mastered the art. Come to Billingsgate and experience the world famous seafood giant in the historic Docklands of London. Billingsgate Seafood School London, England
  7. 7. Although Cook and Taste is a fairly new program, that doesn’t mean they are any less experienced. Cook and Taste offers half day sessions with market tours included for classes up to 15 participants of any age. Cook and Taste is famous for their incorporation of other cultures into their spanish dishes to make for an innovative and thorough experience. Be sure to pay attention in this class as the Chef’s are known to give tips on how to recreate the dishes in a personal kitchen at home. Cook and Taste: Spanish Cooking Barcelona, Spain