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  1. 1. My name is Thaddeus Jeremiah Wisdom, but you can call me Wisdom. I'm a cook in an elementary school cafeteria, and I have lots of friends like YOU! Welcome to my website! I've got great plans for you and me!
  2. 2. It's not easy being a kid these days… How do you know what's right? How do you know what's wrong? What do you do about scary things you hear in the news? How can you be good when everyone around you is, ah, well not. :)
  3. 3. We're just getting started, but you'll find a few fun things, like COOKING WITH WISDOM, recipes you can cook with dad or mom.
  4. 4. Wisdom loves animals. Coming soon you'll meet WISDOM'S DOG RUFUS and his silly adventures. So Wisdom and Me wants to hear YOUR PET TALES !
  5. 5. Wisdom is working on GAMES & PUZZLES, designed to make learning the Bible FUN!
  6. 6. And coming soon – join the Wisdom’s Kids Own Clubhouse – a Bible Study club, where kids GET WISDOM- answers to life’s questions. PLUS earn free Wisdom gear, and personal emails from Wisdom, himself!