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Be better being in this world

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Be better being in this world

  1. 1. Azalia Mutammimatul Khusna (KKI 112.11.008) Nasikhatul Umami (KKI 112.11.010) Agus Zainuri (KKI 112.11.019) Idris Bahtiar (KKI 112.11.020) Uswatun Hasanah (KKI 112.11.021)
  2. 2. As human being whose Allah has created, with our intelligence and perfection mind, we should try to improve ourselves to be better person. All of us have good days, good destiny, indeed we can get iteveryday if we have positive thinking about our days which we will pass it. It is not just for ourselves, but we need to be good character for another person. These are tips that can help you to brighten your days.
  3. 3. We may remember that: “All things that you say or do have an effect for another person, even positive things or negative”. Indeed, the foreigners also influenced byyour actions, for example being arrogant to salesman. You influence them, they influence the others and henceforth.
  4. 4. Show with your attitude and word that you regard another person as they are important. For example, don’t allow the others wait too long, say “sorry” if you arewrong, fulfill a promise, etc. Appraise every word they say and make them shy because we are too care to them.