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Http2 right now


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These are the slides from my talk at FOSDEM 2015 (09:00 February 1st in the Mozilla devroom).

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Http2 right now

  1. 1. HTTP/2 right now Daniel Stenberg, February 1st 2015
  2. 2. Agenda HTTP Today HTTP/2 basics Status Future Q&A
  3. 3. Daniel Stenberg Email: Twitter: @bagder Web: Blog: network hacker at
  4. 4. Please ask! … but wait for the Q&A and if not enough, just catch me afterward.
  5. 5. Today HTTP for everything The web has changed significantly since 1996
  6. 6. Request and payload growth in 4 years... 7777 100100 725K725K 1900K1900K
  7. 7. connections per page 38
  8. 8. Latency adds up 4,000 ms 750 ms Page load time Round trip time0 ms 240 ms MikeBelshe
  9. 9. Head of line blocking
  10. 10. HTTP 1.1 work-arounds
  11. 11. Spriting
  12. 12. Inlining .icon1 { background: url(data:image/png;base64,<data>) no-repeat; } .icon2 { background: url(data:image/png;base64,<data>) no-repeat; }
  13. 13. Concatenation $ cat *.js > a-single-monster.js
  14. 14. Sharding
  15. 15. Quirky work-arounds Annoying for developers Adds layers of tools Hampers caching Downloads too much
  16. 16. HTTP/2
  17. 17. “Just a new framing layer” maintains HTTP paradigms http:// and https:// URLs cannot be changed HTTP/1.1 servers and clients will be around for decades Proxies must be able to convert 1:1 Less optional parts No more minor version!
  18. 18. HTTP/2 framing Binary Multiplexed streams; with individual priorities, dependencies and flow-control Header compression Server push
  19. 19. HTTP/2 is not Mandatory TLS Changing HTTP headers
  20. 20. How will HTTP/2 affect web users? Faster page loads More responsive loading
  21. 21. How will HTTP/2 affect web development? HTTP/1 work-arounds hurt HTTP/2 perf Need to do separate tweaks Maximum HTTP/2 usage will need some time
  22. 22. Implementations Nghttp2 Http2-katana Node-http2 Firefox Http2-perl Iij-http2 Akamai Chrome Twitter Wireshark Ericsson MSP Http2 (Go) Http2-go OkHttp Trusterd Google GFE Deuterium Hyper Undertow F5 Sasazka Lucid H2O curl Cl-http2 Netty Jetty Microsoft Http-2 Apache nginx
  23. 23. Will HTTP/2 get widely deployed? “Look at IPv6” SPDY proved fast growth can happen Major browsers are on the train Many sites already did SPDY - likely to go HTTP/2
  24. 24. How will HTTP/2 affect web development? HTTP/1 work-arounds hurt http2 perf Need to do separate tweaks Maximum HTTP/2 usage will need some time
  25. 25. HTTP/2 – Status of February 1st 2015 Firefox: HTTP/2 in 9%of all HTTP responses1 HTTP/2 is used 9 times more than HTTP/1.0 Google: HTTP/2 used in 5% of global traffic2 IPv6: 5% today, almost 20 years after first RFC 1. Rough and not statistically sound numbers from Mozilla Telemetry data for Firefox 35. 2. Rough and rapidly changing numbers in an evolving climate. Graciously provided by Google.
  26. 26. Schedule IETF Last Call ended on January 14th Firefox 35 – enabled by default January 13th Chrome 40 – enabled by default January 21st HTTP/2 final RFC in Q1 2015 ?
  27. 27. HTTP/3 ? HTTP/2 lays the foundation for the future Time to drop legacy HTTP “mistakes”? HTTP/3 can happen sooner than the 1.1 to 2 took
  28. 28. Thank you! See also http2 explained:
  29. 29. Doing good is part of our code
  30. 30. Credits ✗ HTTP and TCP trend numbers from ✗ RTT / page load data from Mike Belshe ✗ HTTP/2 usage numbers by Google and Firefox Telemetry ✗ Lego pieces borrowed from my kids
  31. 31. License This presentation and its contents are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license: