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The Med Writers Capabilities Briefing


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2015 slide deck on a medical writing company's services and benefits to potential clients. It describes the types of writing and how it helps professors, labs and companies.

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The Med Writers Capabilities Briefing

  2. 2. MY PATHTO MEDICAL WRITING PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Masters in Management  Lab, animal and clinical research experience Senior Scientist at Kraft Foods Took classes in writing Started freelance writing in 2006 Left Kraft Foods in 2007 and startedThe MedWriters
  3. 3. THE MEDWRITERS 20+ full time, part time and freelance writers All with a PhD, MD, ND, DC Expertise in biochemistry, molecular/cell biology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, pharmaceuticals, physiology, botany, psychology, medicine, herbal medicine
  4. 4. THE MEDWRITERS BENEFITS  We aren't just writers with degrees in journalism, communication or marketing  We're medical experts with hands-on lab, research and patient experience in many medical and biotech fields  That experience allows us to write effectively with the intended audience in mind  The articles we write for our clients get their websites to the top of Google  The journal articles and books we write get our clients’ work published quickly  The white papers we write sell our clients’ products and services  We are expert medical communicators  Our clients love us and rave about our work  100% money back guarantee – no questions asked refund policy
  5. 5. WHATWEWRITE  - Books or book chapters - E-books - Manuscripts - Meeting/conference posters - Proposals - Grant applications - Protocols/SOPs -Thesis and dissertation edits -Web and magazine articles - Blog posts - PowerPoint presentations -Regulatory documents  - Sales copy and sales letters - Brochures - Reports -White papers - Business plans - Supplement formulations - Product endorsements -Video scripts - CME courses - Clinical trial outreach -Web content -Social media content
  6. 6. OUR CLIENTS  Professors  Post docs  Research doctors  Biotech companies  Medical device companies  Pharma companies  CROs  Hospitals  Clinics  Doctors  Dentists  Chiropractors  Nutritionists  Acupuncturists  Food/beverage companies  Supplement companies  Skincare companies  Health and wellness companies  Federal agencies  Educational companies  Conference organizers  Marketing agencies  Publishing companies  News agencies  Diagnostic labs  Immigration lawyers  Medical malpractice lawyers  Health coaches  Health advocacy groups  Biotech/medical consultants
  7. 7. DEMAND FOR MEDICALWRITERS  According to the CenterWatch analysis, the medical writing market increased from an estimated $345 million in 2003 to $694 million in 2008  According to a separate survey, medical writing is also the fourth most frequently outsourced service
  8. 8. FAILURE OF ACADEMIC WRITING Only 19.1% of NIH grant applicants were funded in 2016 25% of published articles were rejected by another journal before being accepted From the manuscripts rejected by British Journal of Surgery, 65.8% were published in other journals (but it did take an average of 13.8 months) From the manuscripts rejected by theAnnals of Internal Medicine, 69% were eventually published after a mean of 552 days
  9. 9. SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL LABS  Some labs publish new papers every month and get millions in grant money  The PIs leverage their time, doing what they and only they can do and delegate everything else to the right people for each task  PIs always need to be the brains behind everything the lab publishes - every paper and every grant application needs their input and feedback but they don’t need to be the writers and/or editors for everything  These PIs work with experienced scientific writers and editors, quickly giving them the information they need to properly write or edit their papers and grant applications  The PI reads each draft, gives input and requests changes, then adds their finishing touches to the final draft
  10. 10. SUCCESSFUL MARKETING  We write for several marketing agencies because they have no medical expertise  We can speak to a customer audience of doctors, scientists, researchers  We also write for patients and a general audience at an 8th or even 6th grade level, depending on the customer demographics  It is necessary to take complex medical/scientific information and convert it to the benefits the customer is looking for
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