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Mobile Marketing Trends 2014

What goes mobile in 2014?

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Mobile Marketing Trends 2014

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Trends for 2014
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing Is it worth it?
  3. 3. Let’s see some statistics!
  4. 4. almost 22 BILLION will be the mobile market value
  5. 5. over 300% will increase QR Code scans
  6. 6. Mobile Optimization becomes a reality
  7. 7. •URL mobile access •Mobile speed •Accessibility •Image readering
  8. 8. Mobile goes social by offering a huge opportunity for marketers to increase brand exposure throught social media
  9. 9. Brands will get emotional on mobile by bringing back to life their digital personality in order to develop an emotional relantionship with consumers.
  10. 10. Playful mobile apps
  11. 11. What do marketers say about mobile marketing?