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better position than your competitors for getting well-focused products to market much faster and earning a higher
level of marketplace trust and identification with your brand.”
~ Ted Rubin, Author of How to Look People in the Eye Digitally
The better online marketers:
68. Engage in social media marketing: Some companies take social media seriously and some don’t. The best
ones understand marketing is a conversation.
69. Run targeted social media ads: You don’t have to put money in social media advertising, but if you do more
people will discover you online.
70. Tweet multiple times each day: Twitter is an outreach tool that great social media marketers take
advantage of morning, noon and night.
71. Use social media monitoring tools: It’s easy to put tools in place to monitor mentions of your company and
its brands and it’s hard to understand why you wouldn’t.
72. Capture social media analytics: Data-driven marketers have a significant advantage. Know what is and
isn’t increasing engagement.
73. Have a LinkedIn company page: Your business needs to optimize its presence on the world’s leading
professional network.
74. Have share buttons on the blog: You need your reader’s to expand your reach and help grow your
audience. Make it easy for readers to share your stuff.
75. Share content from their blog and site: Think of social media as free content distribution channels and use
them every day.
76. Build personal brands: Great marketing companies put their leaders in the middle of the conversation to
build authority.
77. Use video: The winners are using video because customers like it. It’s show time.
Marketing automation
A marketing automation platform (MAP) automates marketing processes such as customer segmentation, customer
data integration and campaign management to make marketing processes infinitely more efficient and the programs
more effective.
“Every business is on a journey to grow and increase revenue. In order to achieve these goals, you need to align
your people, process and technology. With marketing automation, you’re able to nurture relationships with

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