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customers who are not ready to buy. You’re able retain and extend customer relationships. You align marketing with
sales to track leads properly and focus on improving your marketing return on investment (ROI).”
~ Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio and co-founder of Marketo
The better online marketers:
78. Segment customers: Categorize customers and prospects by common demographics, behaviors and
79. Employ lead scoring systems: Marketing and sales work together to devise a scoring system to represent
the propensity a lead will become a sale.
80. Use dynamic content: Send targeted offers and content based on an individual’s specific user profile.
81. Define useful metrics: Create a plan to track meaningful analytics (related to program objectives) and keep
updated dashboards for quick reference.
82. Integrate marketing channels: Deliver cross-platform user experiences to optimize conversion.
83. Test their communications: Use marketing automation to test variables such as send times, subject lines,
copy and design.
Marketers consistently rate webinars as one of their most effective tactics. They deliver wide reach very cost-
effectively and remain an asset afterwards.
“Webinars are the most immersive content experience available. No other tactic offers attendees the experience of
interacting with the content so thoroughly for 30-60 minutes. In addition to a variety of interactivity options, attendees
can ask the presenter questions live and participate in the conversation with peers – even more easily than in an in-
person environment. The interactive nature of this content consumption makes it very memorable and impactful.”
~ Shelby Britton, Adobe, author of The Content Marketer’s Guide to Webinars
The better online marketers:
84. Conduct webinars to generate leads: Companies of all sizes are able to generate leads by hosting free
85. Offer webinars for interested prospects: Besides being used to generate leads, webinars can be key to
nurturing leads and converting prospects to customers.

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