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It’s sunk in: the demand for integrated marketing skills now far exceeds the supply. Old school marketers simply
aren’t adequately equipped to succeed in the new inbound world. Your team needs be trained by experts.
“The businesses that will win in this increasingly customer-centric era, will evolve their marketing strategies to new
processes that include a digital heavy, multi-channel, multi-format and multi-dimensional strategy. But the
environment is changing much faster than new talent can arrive. The only thing that enables the evolution in the
businesses that win, is a constant focus on adaptation and scale of the skills of their team. Put simply: great
marketing today takes a village – but these days the villagers need new skills to adapt and thrive in the world in
which they live.”
~ Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute, Chief Strategy Officer
The better online marketers:
91. Train employees on social media marketing: Heard of employee advocacy? The better marketers use
programs to train employees on social media.
92. Create marketing-aware culture throughout company: High performers task the entire company to
contribute content. They kick off their programs with content marketing workshops.
Every interaction someone has with your company is an opportunity to reinforce (or degrade) the value of your
brand. Obviously, with the proliferation of media and your company’s marketing programs, the task becomes
increasingly challenging.
“No customer or prospect will see everything you create, but they are likely to see at least a few things, in a few
places. You have to look, feel, and sound like the same company everywhere. Inconsistency breeds dissonance
and dissonance evaporates trust.”

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