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~ Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media Studios
The better online marketers:
9. Make a clear homepage: Effective online marketers put great effort into creating a homepage that clearly
communicates the company’s unique selling proposition.
10. Have a call to action on every page: Each page must have a purpose and guide the visitor to take a
specific action.
11. Have a responsive website: To deliver a friendly user experience across devices, your website should
respond to the given screen size.
12. Make navigation simple: A well-structured site includes clear navigation to ensure a visitor is never lost or
13. Populate key pages with social proof: Put testimonials, ratings, certifications and accolades in the path of
the reader to heighten credibility.
14. Make a compelling about us page: Great websites inject personality into their about us pages to help
readers understand who will serve them (and how).
15. Offer thank you pages: Conversion actions should invoke thank you pages to (1) express appreciation and
(2) suggest additional actions.
16. Run on a CMS: A content management system (CMS) makes it easy and cost-effective to publish content
without relying on coders.
17. Publish content hubs: Get serious about being a go-to resource on a topic with multimedia content hubs
and/or microsites.
18. Include images on every page: Tell a story on each page and increase engagement with one or more
photos, diagrams, screenshots, or infographics.
19. Offer site search: Readers find onsite search functionality helpful. As the website owner, your search
mechanism is likely to deliver useful insights into what content readers seek.
20. Encourage dialogue: Invite visitors to engage and interact with blog comments, forums, surveys or chat.
Content marketing
Buyers go online looking for information, entertainment and inspiration and are attracted to the brands that provide
it. This means the most important challenge for marketers now is creating content customers want to consume.
“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

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