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~ Andrew Davis, Founder of Monumental Shift
The better online marketers:
21. Document content marketing plans: Marketers that create, document and update their content marketing
plans consistently outperform the pack.
22. Empower a leader: With or without the somewhat new title of chief content officer, someone in your
company must own the content and lead the charge.
23. Audit content: Take stock of the content on your website (and beyond) to evaluate what you have, how it
performs and what needs to be created.
24. Hire an editor: Great content marketers adapt the practices of effective publishers and understand it’s vital
to work with a managing editor.
25. Harvest content ideas from every department: Understanding the best content answers customers’
questions, the best content marketers source experts all across the company.
26. Maintain consistency: You won’t succeed with content marketing if you think in terms of campaigns.
Consistent publishing is a key to success.
27. Collaborate effectively: It’s vital to collaborate efficiently. Doing so requires employing effective tools and
28. Publish customer success stories: People want to read about people who face similar challenges. Give
your customers a starring role in your content.
29. Publish user-generated content: A truly effective way to engage customers and humanize your brand is to
invite your audience to the publishing party.
30. Curate content from industry authorities: Like traditional media outlets, effective content marketers treat
their audience to the best insights from the best in the business.
31. Publish guest posts: Leading multi-author blogs feature contributions from all kinds of constituents.
32. Collaborate with leaders in their industry: Blog posts, research reports, video, podcasts, eBooks—all
types of content—create opportunities to co-create with experts.
33. Use visual social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Vine: Content marketers respond to their
audience’s love of visual content via the hottest social media networks.
34. Create eBooks: eBooks (usually offered to users willing to opt-in) afford content marketers the opportunity to
go deep in addressing customer pain points.
35. Offers subscription options for blog: You need to make it very easy for interested readers to subscribe to
your blog or content hub (or they won’t be back).
36. Update old content: Some information grows outdated fast. Recognize this and update (or remove) content
to maintain credibility.
37. Create seasonal content: Be it holidays, events or industry news, you’ll benefit from delivering topical and
timely content.
38. Offer tools: Great content marketers develop templates, cheat sheets, checklists, and various tools to give
the audience the shortcuts they desire.

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