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Some prospect and customers prefer to read. Others rather watch. Some listen. Of course, they all have various
devices and lifestyles. You’re going to want be there for them with a versatile media mix.
“You can certainly create a killer blog or an amazing podcast as the cornerstone of your content. But it’s more
efficient and effective in the long term (and necessary for larger organizations) to take a broader view – to create
content that can come to life in various formats, across many different platforms, and that can address multiple
~ Arnie & Brad Kuenn, from their book, Content Marketing Works
@ArnieK, @BKuenn
The better online marketers:
39. Podcast: The growth of podcast listeners seems to be following the meteoric rise of mobile.
40. Create video featuring management and employees: This effective tactic goes far to establish authority as
well as create the human touch customers crave.
41. Create video interviews: Interviews of customers, partners, and industry experts enable brands to emulate
talk show TV.
42. Track video metrics: Companies that take video seriously are getting powerful insights into buyer behavior
and gaining serious advantages for managing leads.
43. Create infographics: Marketers create the most valuable form of visual content and enjoy massive reach
when their infographics make the rounds.
44. Develop gamification programs: Gamification, quizzes and other forms of interactive content engages and
motivates users and builds loyalty.
45. Offer apps: Offer branded apps and your customers will hold you in their hands.
46. Publish on SlideShare: SlideShare is the world’s largest professional content sharing community. It’s wise
to have a presence on it.
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