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As long as search engines remain the dominant starting destination for buyers and the largest traffic source, search
engine optimization will remain a key priority in any digital marketing mix. While SEO continues to confound so
many companies, it’s become a far simpler animal in recent years.
“It may be true that SEO has been around a long time, but it is still the most powerful earned, nonpaid source of
traffic on the web. Searchers are seeking something very different from social media audiences or email audiences
in that they are looking for exactly the thing they’ve told the search engine. And if the searcher arrives on your
website, the power to solve that person’s problem, convert, and expose the searcher to your work is exceptional.”
~ Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz
The better online marketers:
47. Do keyword research: Keywords are the signposts you put up to get found. Your challenge is identify the
phrases for which you stand a chance of ranking on the first page of search results.
48. Optimize every page: Tedious? Yes. Complicated? No. Include keywords in your URL, title, headline (H1),
body copy and as the “alt” tag of an image.
49. Write meta descriptions: Describe the content of every page of your website and blog to help searchers
understand why they should click through.
50. Secure a Google My Business page: By using a Google My Business page and, if appropriate, local SEO,
you can earn a valuable chunk of real estate on search results pages.
51. Use internal links on every page: Help your readers and help search bots understand where to find
relevant content with internal links.
52. Put external links in blog posts: Outbound links help search engines better understand your blog and
builds relationships with other bloggers.
53. Set up conversion measures: Define conversion within Google Analytics and track your results to identify
how you can improve your SEO and website.
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