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Search marketing is a war zone. PPC programs such as Google AdWords buy you a ticket to the first page of
search, which is the only page that matters.
“Paid ads put you in front of prospects wherever they are. Truly awesome PPC marketers match their ads to the
specific intent of the consumer. They’re using logical segments and matching everything from the messaging to the
time of day to the offer and more. PPC is going to act increasingly like email marketing, as marketers are able to get
in front of consumers with a higher level of personalization, wherever they happen to be online.”
~ Larry Kim, Wordstream, Founder and CTO
The better online marketers:
54. Run PPC ads: Ecommerce or not, your website is your online store. Lead people to it.
55. Increase ROI in PPC: Pay-per-click is complex and competitive. Gain an advantage by getting PPC certified
or having your ads managed by someone who is.
56. Practice account based marketing for online ads: In B2B markets you must target the key accounts that
generate the majority of your revenues.
57. Experiment with mobile ads: Customers in new media are looking for products on their smart phones.
Smart marketers are exploring mobile advertising programs.
58. Retarget: Aggressive advertisers continue advertising to those that came and went with retargeting ad
Email marketing
Savvy marketers know email is the best tool for moving customers forward in the buying process. If you allow your
competition to own your customers’ inboxes, you lose.
“Email is one of the most important catalysts in your integrated marketing strategy. Email is effective at introducing

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