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Energy forms ppt 2

Potential energy

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Energy forms ppt 2

  1. 1. Potential Energy •It’s the energy that is stored because of an object’s position. •The Higher an object is lifted above earth, the greater is it’s potential energy
  2. 2. Converting potential and kinetic energy
  3. 3. When you throw a ball upwards it is moving the fastest so it has maximum kinetic energy As the ball moves upward , it slows down and stops for an instant As the ball moves downward it speeds up and the potential energy is transferred into kinetic energy
  4. 4. Energy changes in falling water Is converted to
  5. 5. Water at the top of the dam has potential energy. When water falls downwards the potential energy changes into kinetic energy The kinetic energy in the moving water spins the generators and that’ll produce electrical energy
  6. 6. KE and PE • In many situations, there is a conversion between potential and kinetic energy. • The total amount of potential and kinetic energy in a system is called the mechanical energy • Mechanical energy = PE + KE
  7. 7. Mechanical Energy •The mechanical energy does not change because the loss in potential energy is simply transferred into kinetic energy. •The energy in the system remains constant!!
  8. 8. Mechanical Energy The energy of movement. This energy includes both kinetic energy (motion) and potential (stored) energy
  9. 9. Mechanical Energy • Mechanical energy is due to the position and motion of the object. • What happens to the mechanical energy of an apple as it falls from a tree?
  10. 10. Mechanical Energy •As the apple falls to the ground, its height decreases. Therefore, its PE decreases. •The potential energy is not lost… it is converted into kinetic energy as the velocity of the apple increases. •What happens to the mechanical energy?
  11. 11. Swinging Along •Think about the changes in energy when you are on a swing… •At what point do you have the most potential energy? •At what point do you have the most kinetic energy? •What happens to the mechanical energy?