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فاطمة بيان سرمد العدل, The "Secret Treasure" Letter


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فاطمة بيان سرمد العدل, The "Secret Treasure" Letter

  1. 1. The Sacred Treasure Letter The Sacred Treasure Letter from Fatimat Bayan Sarmad El Adl Bint Rouh Bin Sama’ El Nour is a secret letter that comes to you from a person you ordinarily meet and tells you that you have earned to have the letter because you are a seeker of the truth. It has a Divine Secret that actually reveals to you the answer to whatever question you ask. So, whenever you open the letter the text is changed to reveal your sought for question. You have to ask the question however from the level of the heart and address it to the Creator of The Universe God, The One and Only God ALLAH. I have gotten this letter from a person that I don’t even remember the features of, as well as the actual conversation I had with. When I asked the letter that question however, it told me that God sends us His gifts without a reason other than our asking to be closer to Him, so when he knows we love him He shows us his Generous, Kind and Loving Face. Today, I will share the answer the letter will give me with all of those who asked the question. With Love, Bayan
  2. 2. Introduction This is what could be called a “Channeled Imagination”, both of the concepts of the letter, its content, as well as the character that writes the letter. The name of the woman who writes this letter transcending time and place, is of extreme significance, which in itself is the embodiment of the “Treasure”. Fatimat meaning the highest winner that seals pertaining to Fatimat the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Bayan is the full clarity of the naming of all things, which was God’s endowed gift to humanity “He created man and taught him al bayan” Quran 55:2-3. Sarmad is the divine abstract sound, Al Adl is justice and balance of all things. So she is the highest sealer (after finishing the knowledge) of the science of discernment and language that comes from the divine abstract sound of all justice. Bint Rouh, daughter of “soul”, her father’s name, Bin Sama’ El Nour, son of the Hearer or Listener of Divine Light, who in turn is her grandfather. The Reason I have come up with this is because it is the ultimate route to islam I want to defend in this assignment. Therefore, being the mystical narrator is in complete alignment.
  3. 3. In The Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful Al Salat wa Al Salam ala Kahtam Al Mursalin Mohammad. I was 12 years old when Prophet Muhammad died. It was a very black day of which the sadness was infinitely agonizing. He used to always touch my hair when he sees me playing, and praise my voice when I sing. His light was always felt by me in indescribable ways, and that is why I always bowed when I saw him. Our life was full of peace in the Medina, and Oness was manifest in all walks of life. Our brothers and sisters from Ahl Al Kitab, the Christians and the Jews were our neighbors and family friends. My father was very happy and always pleased to pray at night, I used to wake up to listen his voice reciting the Quran, and the tears would pour down my chin from the intense Divine Vibrations of the sound. He wanted to revive his father’s business to make lamps for it was destroyed by the tribes for his being a Christian. My mother “Rahma” was always baking sweet things and makes me give them to my play mates. That day however I knew that the biggest lamp of love has died, it was a very dark pregnant pause in our house, unable to phathom what happened. But our lamp was lit. My Dad was very upset when he came home and he told my mother that the body of the Ummah is now to be broken, when she asked him why, he said that the Sahabah held a meeting without Al Bin Abi Taleb’s presence, and agreed to appoint Abi Bakr as the Caliph to succeed the Prophet (PBUH). Though Abi Bakr was very renowned as a very close friend of the prophet and one of the first ones who believed in Mohammed (PBUH), Ali was the closest for he was his son in law (Husband of Fatima closest daughter of the Prophet) his cousin, also among the first who believed (he was ten years old) and the protector of the Prophet. There was a lot at stake, the One person that united all of these peoples and tribes, religions was gone. The Meccan tribes were never able to reciprocate the compassion that the Prophet granted them, and now they might attack at any minute. The economy as a result would be affected, for security and the bond of Oness that prevailed to boost is gone. And, most importantly, the people who had parts of them that were so attached to their egos wanted the power, the exposure, and the fame. So, the bigger body of the Ummah was divided. The impurities inherent from the past came to life again, and there were two groups, those who followed Abi Bakr who believed that the Prophet didn’t assign any one before his death and therefore they came up with the
  4. 4. system to govern and Lead the Ummah, they called themselves the Ahl Al Sunna wa al jamaa. And the other group was the grass root of Shii who believed Ali Bin Abi Taleb was the one who should have been the Leader, for he was assigned by the Prophet (PBUH) in Ghadir al Khumm (632) in which he announced, “He whose master is I then Ali is his master” (Man kuntu Mawlah Fa Aliyun Mawlah). Fatima Ali’s wife, Mother of Al Hassan and Al Hussain died only one year after her father died. Ali Bin Abi Taleb retired from his public life at that time, and attended to teaching his disciples the esoteric sciences and hidden meanings of the Quran, digging wells (later to be known as Abar Ali) and cultivated public gardens. Everyone wondered how could Ali be content with the status quo, for he was well known to be the strongest and most courageous of fighters, the shrewd leader of soldiers, as well as an unrivalled superior of eloquence. But, the sound of wisdom he acquired from the Prophet was to care about the well being of the Ummah and he didn’t want to be the reason for the division. Abu Bakr, who succeeded in silencing the erupting threatening revolts, was followed by Umar Ibn Al Khattab only two years afterwards 634 -644 and in his age there was a lot of gloriours expansion and development, then Uthman Ibn Affan of the Umayyad clan took over . I was 24 by that time, and it was then that my father “Rouh” died. Uthman was assassinated by the mutineers in Egypt in 656 and that is when Ali took over. In this period the Sunna system consolidate and strengthened, authority became segmented in two spheres, religious based on the ijma (consensus) of the Ulama (religious scholars) and the political represented in the Caliph. They developed scientific legal structures following the Quran and the Sunna, and the authenticity of the hadith to formulate the Sharia of the Islamic Law. Then of course the branches kept on becoming thinner on faith and thicker with politics. Ali ‘s authority as the Caliph was challenged by Uthman’s cousin Muawiya (the usual behavior of the Umayyads) and because Ali decided to deal with the situation using the wise compassion instead of the power of the sword another division took place, Muawiyah kept on building his power, and a group of Ali’s followers the Kharijites split with Ali because he didn’t stand up to Muawiyah. Ali was killed by them in 661. This didn’t stop the Sunnah system to grow with the leadership of the Umayyads. And the Shii who believed in Ali as the Imam continued to grow with the leader with the Divine Light to guide. He is the real ruler of the community and the inheritor of the esoteric teachings of
  5. 5. the Prophet (PBUH) the Muhammadan Light “Al Nur Al Muhammadi”, and who performs the function of Wilaya; the Sustainer, which is the source of all Prophetic Knowledge and is identified with the Muhammdanan Reality “Al Haqiqah Al Muhammadiyyah” which is the Logos. The Imam can be apparent or hidden. I thank God the Almighty for having died before the killing of the Hussain in Karbala, for that was one day before my soul became another part of you and all humanity. Other branches of Shiites manifested such as the Ismaili, they believe that philosophy contained in the batin of religion leads to spiritual rebirth (wiladat i ruhani) through which man is transformed and saved. The large cycle of aeons of 360,000 years within which there are seven layers of prophecy, each cycle is commenced with a prophet. The seventh is the Imam of Resurrection and he would reveal the meaning of all revelations finally leading to the Great Resurrection (qiyamat al qiyama) Sufism as well ; the Mystic Path of Love , offering an esoteric path as a way of purification through the “tariqa”. The Shaikh of the tariqa is a “murabit” who joined himself with God and derives authority from personal experience of spiritual enlightenment as well as spiritual lineage “silsilah” going back to Prophet Muhammad, with the ultimate goal of Al Fanaa the annihilation of the ego into the One Real Ego of GOD” “He Loves them and they love Him” Quran 5:54 My dearest reader your seeking heart is the key to Oness. All of this happened in your body, it was lit by The Divine Light of Muhammad containing the chain of all the Lights of the Prophets and Messengers of God. Why should you forget their message after they complete it? God Sent Them to give us the Guidance so we use it and follow it even without them being manifest anymore. The Road back home is through elevating our consciousness and from it see the reflection in the worldly universe. And even here though that Lit torch was with Ali he maintained the light so that it becomes a savior rather than fire, for he knew that the light will continue through every beat of every heart that seeks the truth. Belief is from within, and with the gift of sound we know that He will answer those who ask. Emulate the Prophet’s meditation and compassion, his quest for justice inside Himself and then for the whole community before his outer qualities. For aligning that voice of your with universe through reading the Quran (that was saved even through all of the upheaval) all you have to do is Read, Recite “Iqra’”