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Next Target Condition Kata


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Working with Novice Skill Learners and Coaches we found a defined routine (kata) was beneficial in establishing the next Target Condition.

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Next Target Condition Kata

  1. 1. Next Target Condition Kata Beth Carrington Rev 1.0
  2. 2. Target Condition Expiration When a Target Condition is achieved or the Target Condition achieve by date occurs (it expires), it is time to create a new Target Condition. How does a Learner and Coach go about establishing that next Target Condition? Here’s a Kata or a Routine we’ve been using during the latest deployment at ZF.
  3. 3. VisionChallenge Next Target Condition Current Condition Moving from here…. To here…. VisionChallenge New Current Condition Establishing Next Target Condition Based on Mike Rother’s Improvement Kata
  4. 4. TCn à TCn+1 Kata •  Learner and Coach reflect on last Target Condition •  Did we achieve Target Condition? •  What did we learn about setting Target Conditions? •  What did we learn while striving for this Target Condition? •  Learner and Coach reflect on Vision and Challenge •  Did we make progress? •  Grasp Current Condition •  Time to practice Process Analysis •  Coach sets next Target Condition date •  Learner proposes next Target Condition •  Coach approves or works with Learner to develop acceptable Target Condition •  Learner lists of obstacles to new Target Condition •  Determines which one to address