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Baltimore County Hardscaping Reisterstown


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Call Bedsaul Contracting at 410.459.4560 for Baltimore County hardscaping. Serving Reisterstown, Greenspring Valley, Monkton, Sparks and the surrounding area.

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Baltimore County Hardscaping Reisterstown

  1. 1. Baltimore County Hardscaping Reisterstown Greenspring Valley Monkton Sparks Hardscaping The word “hardscaping” may be unfamiliar to you. Hardscaping is basically the hard materials we incorporate into landscaping, such as stone, brick, pavers, concrete, tile, boulders etc. Hardscaping projects help define your outdoor living spaces and come in a wide variety of options. Below are some of the hardscaping projects we specialize in.
  2. 2. Patios Brick work and pavers, as well as stamped concrete can lend elegance to any patio. We custom design your patio to include multiple levels, built in seating, and more. Read more… Walkways / Steps Paver walkways, brick walkways, flagstone walkways, you name it. We design and install custom walkways and steps with your taste and landscaping in mind. Read more… Outdoor Kitchens High quality brick, stone, appliances, grills and more make you want to spend more time cooking in your outdoor kitchen! We’ll help you come up with a design that works for your needs and budget. Read more…
  3. 3. Retaining Walls Retaining walls can be both functional and beautiful. Whether you need a retaining wall to stop erosion or add extra seating to your patio, we can build you a beautiful, natural stone or brick retaining wall you’ll like looking at. Read more… Chimneys / Fireplaces Bedsaul Contracting has expertise in building outdoor fireplaces, outdoor chimneys, indoor fireplaces and indoor chimneys. Whether brick or stone, your new fireplace will be a thing of beauty. Read more… Pool Areas If your pool deck is looking a little worn, we can install a custom pool area to expand your outdoor living space. Pool areas and landscaping can complement each other. Read more… Contact Us Call Bedsaul Contracting today, or email us to discuss planning, design and implementation of your hardscaping, masonry or excavating project. You can count on us to provide quality craftsmanship in our custom stonework and masonry projects.
  4. 4. We serve residential and light commercial clients in the Baltimore County Maryland, Baltimore City, Harford County and Southern PA in York County Pennsylvania. Bedsaul Contracting 410.459.4560 PO Box 578, Jarrettsville, MD 21084