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Electron, databases, and RxDB

An overview of Electron data storage options (IndexedDB, LocalStorage, SQLite), and a new observable object store.

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Electron, databases, and RxDB

  1. 1. Electron, Databases, and RxDB An overview of Electron data storage options, and a new observable object store. @bengotow
  2. 2. I want to build Evernote with Electron.
 How should I store user’s data?
  3. 3. “Notes” Recent Notes Full-text Search Edit Note
  4. 4. • One user, their persistent filesystem • For small datasets (<1,000 items), loading / saving JSON and filtering it in memory is fine. Do I need a database?
  5. 5. • Chrome has great key-value storage options, and we can manually maintain indexes. Do I need a relational database? KEY VALUE A {“name”:”My first document.. B {“name”:”Another note… C {“name”: “Favorite note… RECENT_IDS [“B”, “C”]
  6. 6. LocalStorage • Synchronous • Strings only • Retrieve keys • <10MB (#8337) Key Value Storage IndexedDB • Sync or async • Strings, JSON • Retrieve keys, ranges • Indexed scan for key • < 1/3 free disk space Or use the Filesystem!
  7. 7. • But… I need full-text search • But… I want to query and sort by arbitrary fields • But… I want to support millions of notes • But… I may need more than 1/3 of the available disk space. (IndexedDB limit) 🤔
  8. 8. • De-facto standard for relational storage in client- side applications (macOS, iOS, Android, etc.) • Builds everywhere, no dependencies • Simple, fast, reliable • Open source, great documentation
  9. 9. SQLite + ORM
  10. 10. SQLite + ORM
  11. 11. But… for Electron? • Most JavaScript database wrappers were built for server-side NodeJS. • Heavy focus on querying, connection pools, etc., limited APIs for connecting models to views.
  12. 12. • CoreData (iOS): NSFetchedResultsController • YapDatabase (iOS): YapDatabaseView • AndroidSQLite (Android): View “Cursors” “Give me the notes matching this query, and let me know if the results change.”
  13. 13. Electron-RxDB • Observable object store built on SQLite: CoreData for Electron • Built to power the Nylas N1 mail client, tuned for performance
  14. 14. Define a Note
  15. 15. Save a Note Query for Notes
  16. 16. Create a Notes view
  17. 17. Create a Notes view
  18. 18. • Database is an EventEmitter, broadcasts events when transactions are committed. • Queries return RxJS Observables that emit new result sets as transactions are committed.
 • Optimizations prevent RxDB from re-running SQL queries in common cases SQLite 💖 RxJS
  19. 19. Nylas N1 • RxDB provides live “slices” of 1GB+ of mail data • Views bind to Flux / Redux stores for application state, RxDB queries for data. • Many features (mail rules, notifications, etc.) implemented with database listeners.
  20. 20. Built for Electron • Multi-window support • Always builds SQLite for Electron • Example Electron app: “Notes”
  21. 21. Thanks! bengotow/electron-RxDB @bengotow