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Demystify blockchain development with hyperledger fabric

The World has been following blockchain technology last year with the raise of the public blockchains, the Bitcoin value overpassing Gold and now private blockchains for Business.

Why so many interest on permissioned blockchain ? Which industries are impacted ? What is new for 2017 ? You will have a short presentation on blockchain and a demo on the latest Hyperledger Fabric V1 around an original use case for airline industry

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Demystify blockchain development with hyperledger fabric

  1. 1. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes DEMYSTIFY BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT WITH HYPERLEDGER FABRIC Benjamin Fuentes
  2. 2. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes >whoami
  3. 3. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Agenda What is Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric Demo : implementing a smart contract Need help ?
  4. 4. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Blockchain • Introduction • Bitcoin • Ethereum • Hyperledger • Hyperledger Fabric
  5. 5. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Introduction Definition : a distributed system, introduced on Bitcoin white paper in 2008, that maintains a continuously-growing list of data records hardened against tampering and revision Maintain global state on distributed systems comes from Byzantine Generals’ Problem described by Leslie Lamport (1982) Usage: • Shared ledgers : digital currencies, etc … • Distributed applications : smart contract, chaincode Mesopotamian ledger Byzantine Generals’ Problem
  6. 6. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes The blockchain network Page Peer 1 chain state Distributed, almost real-time synchronized, no single point of failure, unstoppable Peer 3 chain state Peer 2 chain state
  7. 7. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes The chain inside a peer … Block n-1 Block n Genesis Block 0 HASH Previous HASH Payload HASH Previous HASH Payload HASH Previous HASH Payload HASH Each block contains the hash of the previous block A hash is a compressed data of the payload. If the content changes, the hash changes too. We can verify easily this Each peer of the network contains the same blockchain locally, a consensus is needed to accept new blocks and dispatch it all over the network
  8. 8. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes CAP theorem resolved ?
  9. 9. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes9 • An unregulated shadow-currency • The first blockchain application • Resource intensive (Proof Of Work Consensus) Created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym) after Worldwide financial crisis to propose a decentralized cash exchange system. The aim is to allow people to transfer digital currency without intermediary, no censorship and keeping (pseudo-)anonymity
  10. 10. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes10 It is an open source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. It provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which can execute scripts using an international network of public nodes. Ethereum also provides a value token called "ether", which can be transferred between participants and is used to compensate participant nodes for computations performed The system comes from a Bitcoin fork and went live on 30 July 2015.
  11. 11. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Hyperledger Hyperledger is a blockchain-based open standard for distributed ledgers under the Linux Foundation (>100 members) The project aims to create an open, public, decentralized ledger based on blockchain technology Answer to: business needs in terms of cost, speed, compliance and traceability Fabric Burrow Indy
  12. 12. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Hyperledger Fabric Key Features • No Tokens ! Based on pluggable consensus (*BFT, Kafka) • Channels for sharing confidential information • Endorsement policies for transactions (rules based on “who can endorse”) • Key/Value and JSON-stored world state support • Bring-your-own Membership Service Provider (MSP) • Developed in Go and uses .proto file (it means any language is supported) • Easy deployment based on Docker images • Smart contracts in Go and Java
  13. 13. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Fabric - the Basics • Actors • Components • Interactions • Architecture
  14. 14. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Actors A common user interacting with the Blockchain using an application. They could not be aware of the Blockchain. The overall authority in a business network. Specifically, regulators may require broad access to the ledger’s contents. Manages the different types of certificates required to run a permissioned Blockchain. Any external systems which may be used by the Blockchain to process transactions (APIs, proxy, etc …) Existing data systems which may provide data to influence the behavior of smart contracts. Blockchain User Certificate Authority Blockchain Regulator Traditional Processing Platform & Data sources U R ü The developer of client applications and smart contracts which interact with the network Blockchain Developer D
  15. 15. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Components Membership Smart Contract Systems Management Events Consensus Wallet Ledger Contains the current World State of the ledger and a transaction invocations chain of blocks f(abc); The logic code running on each invocation call. Transaction invocations result in updating or querying ledger State … E T Chorum responsible for maintaining a consistently replicated ledger and for agreeing on new blockchain block Manages identity and transaction certificates Creates notifications after smart contracts execution Provides the ability to create, change and monitor Blockchain components Securely keeps user’s security credentials i Responsible for integrating Blockchain bi-directionally with external systems. Not part of Blockchain, but used with it. Systems Integration
  16. 16. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Interactions Communication channels: • SDK : use gRPC to communicate with a blockchain peer or Certificate Authority. Maintain the user’s key wallet and embed part of protocol logic Functional interaction methods: • INSTALL* : copy a chaincode on a peer • INSTANTIATE* : run the chaincode on some specific channels & policies • QUERY : to read data from World State • INVOKE* : to call a chaincode method creating a new transaction changing in a way the World State • UPGRADE* : to deploy a new chaincode version membership keys Ledger Events Chaincode state peer SDK ECA, TCA, TLS-CA Blockchain network (* Creates a block on the chain)
  17. 17. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Architecture 1.Blockchain developer codes Application and Smart Contract 2.He deploys the app on a server and smart contract on a peer using INSTALL/INSTANTIATE 3.A registered user interacts with the app sending order (INVOKE) or retrieving information (QUERY) through the smart contract 4.Smart contract can emit an event which can be susbcribed by the app World State Chain of blocks Genesis Block … Blockchain developer Smart Contract Invokes Queries Develops ApplicationD SDK txn txn Block n PEER develops, then deploys emits PutState GetState U Blockchain user Interacts
  18. 18. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Think distributed and deterministic !!! Get resources from external systems peer Blockchain network peer peer External System Put resources to external systems peer Blockchain network peer peer t1 t3 t2 1 call 1 call 1 call External System
  19. 19. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Hyperledger Fabric - Key features • Endorsement/consensus model • Plugging external identity server • Plugging external State DB • Historical queries • HTTP API deprecated, use SDK • Chaincode upgrades
  20. 20. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Fabric V1.0 - Endorsement/Consensus model Peer role has been split : • Committer peer : commits transactions, maintains ledger and state • Endorsing peer: receives a transaction proposal for endorsement, responds granting or denying endorsement • Ordering peer: approves the inclusion of transaction blocks into the ledger and communicates with peer and endorsing peer nodes Also a peer can now communicate via private channels inside the network to strenghten privacy – SOLO (Single node for development) – Kafka / Zookeeper – SBFT (future) Ordering-Service OO O O E C Peer types or Consensus modes
  21. 21. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Fabric V1.0 - HTTP deprecated, use SDK Do not use HTTP API anymore Use SDK over gRPC : • Java • NodeJs • Python
  22. 22. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Fabric V1.0 - Certificate Authority / Membership Service Provider (MSP) Make as pluggable as possible Make it decentralized Default implementation : CloudFlare's PKI/TLS toolkit Developed in GO CLI commands for server and client
  23. 23. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Fabric V1.0 - new World State DB Key/value database (LevelDB) Document JSON database (CouchDB) SQL data stores (future?) • requires schema definition • difficult to change schema CouchDB Chaincode APIs LevelDB Worldstate
  24. 24. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Fabric V1.0 - Chaincode upgrades New command UPGRADE to use instead of redeploying another chaincode Chaincode will contain version number … Smart Contract txn txn txn txn Smart Contract Application SDK UPGRADE Version N+1Version N World/Ledger State
  25. 25. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Fabric V1.0 - Historical queries Simple use case : • Show history of values for an asset X Rich queries : • Show value of an asset at a certain point in time • Show all assets having same field value through history (example : owned by a specific owner) tt-1t-2
  26. 26. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Kitty wants DEMO
  27. 27. @voxxed_thess #Blockchain #Hyperledger @reactivme @benji_fuentes Need Help ? Leave feedback @benji_fuentes @reactivme