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Shootout day of promotion


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Shootout day of promotion

  1. 1. WHAT ANDWHAT AND HOW WE DID IT• Created a Gmail account for the entire group to use.• Established contact with each school through email and requested information (roster, logo, team info).• Added media, school and other contacts in an easy way to disseminate information regarding the Shootout.
  2. 2. WHAT AND HOW WE DID IT (CONT.) Facebook Posts (always use a Twitter Posts (Post often as• Sent already picture with the post. It will twitter posts seem to created public increase comments and likes) Students, parents and fans…Our become buried) Tickets still remaining for the address, Faceb women’s basketball team will take @CincyHSShootout on Nov. on ________________ (opponent) 24! More information: ook and on Nov. 24 as part of the Cincy Girls Twitter Shootout at Cincinnati State. Tickets are just $4 for students and $6 for #cincygirlsshootout announcement adults. s to each Come check out some of the best school. women’s basketball has to Cincinnati has to offer More Information: Tickets:
  3. 3. WHAT AND HOW WE DID IT (CONT.)• Obtain high resolution logos from several schools that could be used for the game day media packet and for the social media websites (Facebook, Twitter).• Created media guide for the use of the media at the event.
  4. 4. HOW WAS IT RECEIVED?• Overall, we believe this year’s shootout was a success. The game day package was helpful for fans to see upcoming schedules as well as updated rosters of the teams.• This year the showcase had a solid turnout. Although the day of games comes on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, fan support was steady throughout the day.• Having the television stations in attendance was a great contributor for the event and for future years of the showcase. The media attention received will hopefully be able to allow for fans of basketball around the Cincinnati area to look forward to this event each and every year.
  5. 5. HOW WAS IT RECEIVED? (CONT.)• Pictures taken at the showcase was an added bonus from previous years.• Quality pictures of the event will be helpful for attracting new teams and fans. This allows for those who participated in the day’s festivities to have a lasting memory of their experience that day.• Betsy Ross does a great job as color commentator for the games.
  6. 6. HOW WAS IT RECEIVED? (CONT.)• Most of the games were competitive and were a treat for those in attendance.• Kelsey Mitchell had a big day scoring over 25 points in her game against Sycamore. Her presence was able to attract college coaches from the surrounding area.• Having college coaches in attendance will hopefully help to attract fans over the next few years.• This year was a step in the right direction for the Cincy Girl’s shootout. There were more fans filling up the seats throughout the day and local media was able to provide a spark for the event in the coming years.
  7. 7. SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS• Improved participation and interaction with coaches and athletic directors• Timely exchange of information for game program and media• Finding ways through social media and other ideas such as the bullying campaign to improve student involvement and make them more excited about the event• Scheduling the games so that the best match up is the last game of the day
  8. 8. SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS (CONT.)• Using star players (i.e. Kelsey Mitchell) to promote the event as a showcase of the city’s best talent.• Vary the opponents throughout the course of the event.• Also finding a more suitable date that will increase attendance and media coverage.