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MindTree Case-Study


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MindTree is a mid-sized Indian IT services company known for its knowledge management practices, its collaborative communities, and its strong culture and values. The CEO has set a goal of becoming a $1 billion company by 2014; to reach that goal, employees must create several new businesses. The head of knowledge management must decide how his function should change in order to become more supportive of innovation and new business development.

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MindTree Case-Study

  1. 1. MindTree A Community of Communities Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Jitendra Kumar Patel : MT2014044 Hemnani Mohit Mahesh : MT2014039 Rishabh Kumar Pandey : MT2014094 Saksham Jain : MT2014099 Mayank Surana : MT2014064 Konganapalli Gopal : MT2014054
  2. 2. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common - community
  3. 3. MindTree in NEWS… Mindtree Named a Top 10 Outsourcing Service Provider in EMEA by ISG - 13 May '15 Mindtree’s full year revenue grows 16.4% in dollar terms; declares final dividend - 16 April '15 Mindtree Enables Next Generation Bluetooth® Low Energy Chips at Cypress - 18 February '15 Mindtree to Manage Kellogg’s Digital Marketing Operations - 05 February '15 Mindtree to acquire Discoverture, a leader in Insurance Solutions 19 Jan '15 Mindtree wins the 'Most Promising Company of the Year' Award from CNBC TV18 14 Jan '14
  4. 4. Acquisitions…
  5. 5. About... • Mind tree Limited, formerly known as Mind Tree Consulting Limited is a mid- sized international information technology (IT) consulting and implementation company. • It operates in two units: Product engineering Services and IT Services. Mind tree was started in 1999 by ten industry professionals. • Currently co-headquartered in Warren, New Jersey, and Bangalore. • It has three development centres in India and 15 offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States. • Mind tree is ranked #18 in Indian IT companies and overall #445 in Fortune India 500 list of 2011. • It was the First Indian IT firm that went public, and offered an IPO
  6. 6. MindTree Limited 2012… • Mind tree partners kryptos networks for cloud offering. • V.G. Siddhartha owns a 22 per cent stake in MindTree through his companies and personal holdings. • Attrition rate fell to 21.7% • Entering into software testing • sales turnover Rs 596.30 crore [391.20 crore in 2011] and net profit Rs 72.20 crore [32.20crore in 2011]for the quarter ended Sep 12.
  7. 7. Culture at MindTree… • Multicultural managed by focusing in value • Soul searching by 300 person • CLASS in all system • Culture-led organization • large deals are not given to a service provider primarily because of culture • Expertise & brand perception [siegel and gale] • 3-4 hours session by bagchi to new employees • 40% appraisal weight to performance against values • 360 degree feedback • People are not a commodity
  8. 8. Strengths and Weakness… Strengths • Senior manager doesn’t know about the value of the company • Measurement ASS determines all factors • Value is culture, culture is value • Involvement of kk, soota and bagchi Weakness • Cant insist people to help others • Senior manager doesn’t know about the value of the company • Measurement
  9. 9. Gardening… • Organization found difficult to empathize with people • Hierarchy • Nurture the top 100 people in mind tree • One to one discussion – personal professional • Emotionally-bonded • Listening-sense making-Action Response
  10. 10. Implication of gardening process… • Leadership, self-awareness and capacity expansion • Making people aware of their mission, visions and values • To unlock their hidden potential- sense making(SESSION 2) • created an atmosphere of openness and raised communication • Succession planning • Improves ability to make choices and face consequences • Less power to listen between employee
  11. 11. QUESTIONS… • Key elements of mind tree approach to knowledge management? • How effect are they? • How mind tree create, develop and develop cop? • What Roles do they play?
  12. 12. Five-yearVision (FY 2014)… • We will achieve US $1 billion in sales • We will be among the Global Top 20 in the IT Services business in profitability, as measured by PAT • (Profit After Tax) to Sales and RoCE (Return on Capital Employed) • We will be among Top 20 most admired companies globally in the IT Services business, known for our • customer satisfaction, people practices, knowledge management and corporate governance • We will touch and improve the lives of the differently-abled, through leadership in Assistive Technologies
  13. 13. Community of practices… • “communities do not appear on the organization chart , nor do they report to anyone . In fact , as soon as they start reporting to someone they cease to be a community “ – Datta • Technical, non-technical and role based areas. • 55 Communities,75 % workforce involved in communities,3 % champions (200).
  14. 14. What is KMto use…
  15. 15. Knowledge Ecosystemat MindTree…
  16. 16. MindTree's KMJourney: Socio-Technical Solutions…
  17. 17. Self-Organized Knowledge Communities…
  18. 18. Osmosis TechFest – Celebration of the Nerd within …
  19. 19. KMapplied to Project Delivery…..
  20. 20. Project Space Features…
  21. 21. OpenMind & TechWorks–Collaborative IPCreation and Reuse…
  22. 22. Idea Nurturing & Systematic Innovation…
  23. 23. Neuron : Collaborative Idea Management…
  24. 24. Konnect : The Social Computing Platform…
  25. 25. MindTree Konnect … 8526 users visited Konnect in Q3 logging in 66,000 visits and 2,100,000 page views. • 170 events per quarter • 3500 people attend / Q
  26. 26. KMRelated Recognitions…
  27. 27. KMgoal at Mind tree… •To establish systems , Process and Culture that helps tocontinuously build their intellectual capital. •Intellectual capital can be found in 3 forms People/individuals Organization Interfaces
  28. 28. MindTree's holistic approach… •Control •Community
  29. 29. 5* 50 approach… •Soota ‘s idea of 5*50 in April, 2010 •Innovative 5 ideas •Stages of idea selection •Idea submission On the portal the idea submissions have the followingfields Idea:  Submitted by:  Primary category:  Primary Nurturer:  State: feasible/viable/etc  IP Potential:
  30. 30. Awards and recognitions… •Community Champion award •Innovation award •Top 10 submitters award •Patenting Award •Community of the quarter award
  31. 31. Refrences… The slide is largely motivated by the paper “ MindTree: A Community of Communities ” by David A. Garvin and Rachna Tahilyani at-mindtree
  32. 32. Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Jitendra Kumar Patel : MT2014044 Hemnani Mohit Mahesh : MT2014039 Rishabh Kumar Pandey : MT2014094 Saksham Jain : MT2014099 Mayank Surana : MT2014064 Konganapalli Gopal : MT2014054