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ABI Market Research Sources

ABI Market Research Sources. Presentación de ProQuest, octubre 2018

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ABI Market Research Sources

  1. 1. ABI Market Research Sources October 2018
  2. 2. Global Market Research from Premium Sources Company Experian Progressive Media/GlobalData Reportal Acquisdata Distressed Company Alert Netwise Company Manufacturing New Plunkett New 2018 Industry Business Monitor International Economist Intelligence Unit D&B/First Research Euromonitor Aroq Plunkett New Barnes Reports New Country Economist Intelligence Unit Oxford Economics Chart Maker New 2018
  3. 3. Global Company, Industry, Country Sources Source Description Business Monitor International (BMI) 2k country-focused industry reports and regional insights with SWOT analysis, market trends, forecasts, & competitive data. Monthly or quarterly from 2009/10-present. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Reports for 79 countries, daily Viewswire, annual country finance reports for G20, monthly 5-year economic & business forecasts for 40 countries First Research (D&B) U.S. State & Canadian Province Profiles, Industry Profiles covering growth; indicators; drivers; trends; opportunities; ratios, etc. Plunkett Research 400 detailed industry sector reports, updated annually; over 3k corporate benchmarking reports coming early 2018 Barnes Reports In-depth research reports covering hundreds of industry sectors, both U.S. and Worldwide Oxford Economics Macroeconomic, industry & commodity forecasts, analysis and data covering 190 countries. Experian 40M U.S. company records with brief company, financial and credit information Aroq Just Series Just Auto, Just Drinks, Just Food, Just Style - Market reports and daily industry news Progressive Media/GlobalData Thousands of company profiles, SWOTs, industry news, and industry snapshots as well as deals and events analysis Reportal / Aquisdata Thousands of annual reports plus Company and Industry Snapshots Chart Maker 2018 Student-friendly graphical country reports for 100 countries
  4. 4. Business Monitor International (BMI Research now Fitch) 2,000 country-focused industry reports • Average length: 60 pages • Quarterly updates • Not embargoed • Contain SWOT analyses, market trends, forecasts, & competitive data – BMI Country Industry Reports – BMI Risk Reports – BMI Industry Insight Reports – Corporate Financing Week Highly sought country-focused industry reports – filled with most current insights and data Search Tip: Publication title: e.g. pub(BMI Country Industry Reports) Filter by location
  5. 5. Expanded coverage for Business Monitor International • BMI coverage expanded from almost 900 reports on select industries and select regions to BMI’s entire portfolio of 2,000 reports covering all available industries and regions 5 Malaysia Agribusiness Report Malaysia Autos Report Malaysia Commercial Banking Report Malaysia Food & Drink Report Malaysia Freight Transport & Shipping Report Malaysia Information Technology Report Malaysia Infrastructure Report Malaysia Insurance Report Malaysia Mining Report Malaysia Oil & Gas Report Malaysia Petrochemicals Report Malaysia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Malaysia Power Report Malaysia Telecommunications Report Malaysia Tourism Report Previously active BMI reports for Malaysia Plus newly added BMI reports for Malaysia Malaysia Consumer Electronics Report Malaysia Crime and Security Risk Report Malaysia Defence & Security Report Malaysia Labour Market Risk Report Malaysia Logistics Risk Report Malaysia Medical Devices Report Malaysia Operational Risk Report Malaysia Real Estate Report Malaysia Retail Report Malaysia Trade and Investment Risk Report
  6. 6. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) EIU ViewsWire • Daily updates for 200 countries • Country facts and risks • Business regulations • Corporate strategies • Economic developments • Financial markets • Foreign investments • Industrial trends • Labor conditions • Political changes • Trade policies • And more! Search Tip: Publication title: pub(eiu viewswire)
  7. 7. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) EIU Country Reports • 79 countries, including 19 emerging markets in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa • 6 month embargo • PDF full text • Lengthy reports include: – Country snapshot – Economic and political outlooks – International relations – Annual and quarterly economic forecasts EIU Country Reports Archive – Available separately – 1952-1995 – Exclusive to ProQuest Search Tip: Publication title: pub(country report. country) e.g. pub(country report. Venezuela)
  8. 8. Country Forecasts (Economic) Economist Intelligence Unit: Country Forecast Summaries (40 countries) (monthly): • Mid- and long-term macroeconomic projections • In-depth political and policy outlook Oxford Economics: Country Economic Forecast • 170+ countries • Highlights, risks, key issues • Analysis and charts • Key fact summary • PDF format Search Tip: Publication title: pub(country forecast) Filter by publication title Filter by location
  9. 9. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Data from EIU in xls format Country Data from EIU • Downloadable Data in Excel Spreadsheets • Data covers G20 Countires • Includes over 370 economic variables over a 50 year period (1980 – 2030), actual and forecasted • Compiled and developed from hundreds of sources • Data elements describe sources for the data provided Search Tip: Publication title: pub(country data) Filter by location: i.e. france
  10. 10. Commodity Price Forecasts Economist Intelligence Unit: • World Commodity Forecast Reports (quarterly and annual) • Food, Feedstuffs & Beverages • Industrial Raw Materials Oxford Economics: Commodity Price Forecasts • Issued Monthly in PDF • Covers 26 commodities • Regional detail • Forecasts and historical trends • Analysis, charts, tables Search Tip: Publication title: pub(commodity forecast)
  11. 11. Oxford Economics By-Country Industry Forecast • 60 countries • PDF Format • Approximately 15 pages • Analysis of top industries within a country • Analysis, charts, Tables of data • Historical and forecast data Search Tip: Publication title: pub(country industry forecast)
  12. 12. Oxford Economics Global Industry Forecast • 5-year outlook for 9 industries: – Aerospace & Transport – Basic Metals – Chemicals – Construction – Consumer Goods – Electronics & Computers – Engineering & Metal Goods – Intermediate Goods – Motor Vehicles • Reports contain regional breakdowns • Analysis, charts & tables of data • Approximately 25 pages Search Tip: Publication title: pub(global industry forecast)
  13. 13. Plunkett Research • In-depth research reports cover over 400 U.S. industry sectors ranging from nanotechnology to pets, or jewelry to vaccines • Reports include: – Industry sales, populations, employees, and other financials, ratios and benchmarks – Corporate profiles for each industry’s top companies • 3k company benchmarking reports added in 2018 Search Tip: Publication title: pub(plunkett) Filter by publication, company name Limit to source type: company profile or industry report
  14. 14. Dun & Bradstreet/First Research • U.S. State & Canadian Province Profiles – Monthly Updates – Cover regional employment; job growth; industry updates; indicators such as new housing permits or home prices • Industry Profiles – Quarterly updates – 70 industries/sectors – Cover regional highlights, growth; indicators; drivers; trends; opportunities; HR impacts; company benchmarks; quick ratios; financial ratios; valuation multipliers, executive insights; industry websites. Search Tip: Publication title: pub(first research) Limit to doc type: industry report
  15. 15. Experian Commercial Risk Database • 45m+ US company records – Useful for market sizing, company research, and job searching • Includes: – Brief profile (name, main contacts, location – Year business started – Ownership type – Estimated number of employees – Estimated financials – Fortune 1000 rank – Profit indicator – Industry code – Subsidiaries/parent – Legal summary (derogatory liabilities, bankruptcy or liens filed) Search Metropolitan Statistical Area and NAICs Search Tip: Publication title: pub(experian) Limit by Location, NAICs, keyword
  16. 16. Progressive Media/GlobalData • Progressive Digital Media News, providing industry news and construction reports in 20 industries including – Aerospace, banking, beverages, chemicals, defense, design, food, health & beauty, health, hotels, energy, retail, technology, water, • Canadean Company Reports; ICD Research Reports; Strategic Defense Analysis Reports; Wealth Insight – Company news and profiles including, SWOTs, financials, products, supplier info, construction profiles – Market snapshots to 2018 for numerous markets and regions, i.e. “Haircare Market in Sweden: Market Snapshot to 2018” – Focus on consumer, government, defense, and banking industries
  17. 17. Aroq • Industry reports and forecasts plus daily news – Just Auto – Just Drinks – Just Food – Just Style Search Tip: Publication title: pub(just) Filter by Source Type = reports or wire feeds Filter by Subject
  18. 18. Acquisdata Reportal • 140k annual reports, 10Ks • International companies with a strength in Asia Pacific Company Snapshot and Industry Snapshots • Thousands of profiled companies and industries Search Tip: Publication title: pub(reportal) Doc type: annual report, Filter by Publication Publication title: pub(company snapshot) Publication title: pub(industry snapshots)
  19. 19. Other Company Reports Distressed Company Alert • Newsletter reporting significant recent events that indicate possible distress in public companies and actions companies are taking to fix problems. Search Tip: Publication title: pub(distressed company alert) Filter by Company/Organization
  20. 20. Barnes Reports New • In-depth research reports covering hundreds of industry sectors • Reports include: – U.S. Industry & Market Reports – WorldWide Industry and Market Reports Search Tip: Publication title: pub(Industry & Market Reports) Keyword and limit to Doc type: Industry Reports
  21. 21. NetWise Manufacturing Industry Company Reports • B2B supply chain resource supplies over 900k US company profiles to help companies locate suppliers of products manufactured and industry certifications. 21 Search Tip: Publication title: pub(Netwise) Keyword and limit to Doc type: Company profile
  22. 22. Chart Maker New 2018 A country’s economy explained visually • 100+ countries • Comprehensive picture – Economic structure – Competitiveness – Economic development – Economic growth – Economic stability (risks) – Key economic projections – ”Doing business in” advice • PDF format Search Tip: Publication title: pub(Charting) Filter by Location
  23. 23. Create custom links to search sets of publications E.g. create a custom link to search all current BMI reports using Publication IDs 2044556, 2044554, 2044555, 36988
  24. 24. Custom publication links 24 The custom links will appear on the Select Databases page Useful to direct faculty and students to specific newspaper groups or market research sources directly from LibGuides