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Find A Job

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Find A Job

  1. 1. Using the Best Online Resources to Find A Job The best US Government online resources to help the job seeker find a job, and more. This article outlines some of the best US Government online resources to help the job seeker find a job. While the article is focused on specific tools to contact employing companies, the other great tools on and should not be overlooked. The premise of those two US Government sites is to provide tools to broaden the job seekers choices for employment. From skill assessment, and cross industry analysis of where the job seekers skills are most needed, to additional training needs and resources, and locating employing companies within applicable industries. You can use Employer Locator tool at to determine potential for transfer of skills to other firms in the same industry. With the Employer Locator Tool, the job seeker can filter results starting with industry type and all the way down to preferred city. Selecting "Paper Manufacturing" in Missouri St. Louis region, the Employer Locator resulted in 20 cities located in the St. Louis region of Missouri. Although two employing companies per city was the average cities across Missouri, St. Louis City itself had 48 employing companies, with outskirt cities having 4-8 employing companies. Selecting the 48 paper manufacturing companies in St. Louis, the Employer Locator Tool further narrowed the USA job search by categorizing by 40 " Converted Paper Manufacturers" and 8 "Pulp Paper Manufacturers". Selecting the 40 converted paper manufacturers resulted in a list of links to each of the 40 converting companies, for detailed information. In summary, our example USA job search above was ... State - Missouri Region - St. Louis, MO-IL MSA City - Saint Louis Industry Sector - Manufacturing Industry Subsector - Paper Manufacturing
  2. 2. Industry Group - Converted Paper Product Manufacturing Also be sure to use the Employer Locator Tool to search by occupation too. (Think 'out of the box' and outside any particular one industry.) Example of occupational USA job search below ... State - Missouri Region - St. Louis, MO-IL MSA City - Saint Louis Occupation - Maintenance Workers, Machinery Industry Group - Plastics product manufacturing One last Employer Locator Tool USA job search to help the job seeker think out of the box, search by keyword. For example entering "Electrician" will result a list of occupations that utilize the electrician skill set, further helping the job seeker realize a vertical industry they may not have searched for a job in yet. Selecting a company results in the company's employer contact, address, phone, internet address and other company information from infoUSA®, but an email address is not returned for the company employer contact. The job seeker will need to call the company and ask if there are any openings in their area of expertise. When calling a company, start by asking name of person in charge of a particular department to find out job possibilities in that department. First before calling, visit the company website, so more knowledge about company and opportunities can be obtained. Some employing companies provide more specific employer contact information and/or career areas on their website, but always call even if a resume was submitted via their company website, because talking to a live person has a higher success rate. has a good resource too, called State Job Banks. Clicking on Missouri state on the State Job Banks page, led to Missouri Career Source website. Searching for the niche skill (PLC) on the state Government ran website "Missouri Career Source", resulted in 26 current job postings. (16 less than a month old, 5 less than a week old!) "Career One Stop" even provides a toll free number (1-877-US2- JOBS). The job seeker can call if using the internet is not their thing. Another great resource for finding relative employing companies in an individual's area of expertise is LinkedIn®. It is actually better for finding an inside employer contact for a company than the above Government resources. I was following one person's comments on LinkedIn® where the individual found a job where one originally did not exist. He called, talked the employer contact into meeting with him, and the company employer contact was so impressed, that he tried him out on a contractor bases until business picked up, and he could hire him full time.
  3. 3. • Checking company websites first is a great idea! Calling the company is even more important! • • Meeting in person gives the job seeker the best chance! Also remember that it is a statistical fact: The more training the job seeker gets, the better their chances to be employed and the more pay they will make. So if the job seeker can not afford the time or money for 6 month, 2 year or longer course, there are alternatives. The job seeker should seek out Certificate Courses to build up their resume while trying to find a job. Hope this helps. Don Fitchett - Business Industrial Network (BIN) - About the Author: Don Fitchett founded the activity based costing system called "True Downtime Cost" (TDC), authored books and speaks at conventions on the topic and is president of BIN. Don has been in the industrial training sector for over two decades, setting up training programs around the world, and still conducts training seminars to this day. Business Industrial Network delivers instructor based industrial training as well as software and on-line industrial training. (You may copy and distribute this article as long as all credits, including this paragraph are included and all links are active and distribution is not for profit. You may reference portions of this article as long as active link back to original article webpage at is present. Otherwise this material is copyright protected.)