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Online Infrared Training Center Presentation


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How IR Infrared Thermography Training and certification can greatly improve process and manufacturing reliability, increase electrical contractors and home improvement specialist's business revenue, and improve the individual's career opportunities. The Online Infrared Training Center opens new doors for both businesses and individuals. Watch and share this Infrared Thermography presentation to learn more.

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Online Infrared Training Center Presentation

  1. 1. The only provider of online infrared thermography training courses that meet the ASNT SNT- TC-1A recommendations for a 32 hour curriculum.
  2. 2.  Earn your InfraredThermography certification online  Thermography is used routinely for PPM, PdM and Condition Monitoring for electrical and mechanical systems, buildings and roofs, boilers and steam systems, and process equipment.
  3. 3. Online InfraredTraining for Businesses …
  4. 4. Reduce Downtime  Perform Predictive (PdM) and improve process reliability  Save money by avoiding costly repairs and downtime
  5. 5. Increase safety and reduce liability  With non-contact  Non destructive testing
  6. 6.  Electrical contractors  Home improvement companies  Pest control companies  And many other types of businesses Can all Increase revenue
  7. 7. Online InfraredTraining for Individuals …
  8. 8.  Open new doors for your career path  Earn a comfortable living  Start your own business or come up with your own unique IR applications *No IR Camera needed to take these online infrared courses!
  9. 9. Testimonials …
  10. 10.  “The course is good and solid. I would recommend it to anyone wanting further training.”Gary Ray - Intel Corporation  "One-of-a-kind training such as this is not available elsewhere.Years and years of work, research, and hands-on have put together a viable educational package worth every cent!" Ken Overstreet - Lockheed Martin
  11. 11.  “This class was informative, goal oriented, and presented in an efficient manner.Well worth the time and cost . . .World class training!” John Czaczkowski – Merck  "It took us less than 3 months to recover not only our initial investment in infrared equipment, but the technician’s salary as well." Keith Hill - Lyondell Petrochemical
  12. 12. To Learn More,Visit: Thermographer Certification Prep Courses : Level I Infrared Thermography (32hrs), Level II (32hrs), Level III (21hrs) Infrared Thermography Applications Courses : Infrared Inspection of Electrical Systems (16hrs) Infrared Inspection of Mechanical Systems (16hrs) Infrared Inspection of Electro Mechanical Systems (24hrs) Infrared Inspection of Building (18hrs) Infrared Inspections for Petrochemical Companies (21hrs)