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Research Methods for Androids: Update


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Presentation for the meeting of the Master programs supervisors at dept of economics of BSEL (11 Nov). The media samples: you'll find them all here:

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Research Methods for Androids: Update

  1. 1. RESEARCH METHODS FOR ANDROIDS Photo: von Kempelen’s “Mechanical Turk” chess playing automaton, 1769 • RaMonale: storyfied thesis • 2-­‐term Course Structure • Storytelling: Media Samples • Infrastructure & Schedule • Request for ParMcipaMon Marcus Birkenkrahe 11.11.14 — more up to date @ h8ps://
  2. 2. Storyfied thesis vs. IMRaD Climax = high point Method = “acMon” begins AcMon research SeWng up an argument IntroducMon Which results to share & how Discussion Summarizing ResoluMon Results Method State of research Conclusions Outlook
  3. 3. “Research Methods” xMOOC* Term 1: training Term 2: thesis Unsupervised Supervised Online Virtual presence PracMce focus Thesis focus InteracMve Immersive *) [e]x[tended Massive Open Online Course Photo: Flickr collecMon of the NaMonal Archives UK, Ref MUN 5/385/1650/1 Crowd-­‐based Community 0,5 SWS | 2 ECTS 1,5 SWS | 4 ECTS
  4. 4. Storytelling: Media Samples Storytelling: 30 sec minifilms in GoAnimate and Plotagon. Animated presentaMons in VideoScribe. Using Zap7on to turn a video into a quiz.
  5. 5. Infrastructure Plans (xMOOC only) Media/ Story Content Research Methods Content Peer Review Discussion EvaluaMon INTERNET HWR INTRANET
  6. 6. Request for ParMcipaMon • Need interview partners for audio • Q: what does research mean to you? • Q: how do you do your research? • Q: what are your recommendaMons? • Time: max 30 min per parMcipant • What: Audio clips of 5-­‐10 min each • Online via Soundcloud (public) aqer OK • When: January 2015
  7. 7. QuesMons? 有问题吗? Fragen? Preguntas? !"न? Vragen? Вопросы? ご質問?