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  2. 2. Software Managers Recruiters and Hiring Managers Problems Software managers are the most difficult roles to hire Keyword searches waste time for any role with great breadth and depth of skills and experience Hard to decipher job postings to find appropriate job Spammed by recruiters. Recency of skills, how hands- on, and level of management not obvious on a resume
  3. 3. Solution SaaS designed for tech leaders (CTOs to 1st time mgrs) Eliminate job descriptions. Simple, standard, insanely searchable experience in the Key Pillars (PPTPE) Recruiters enter needs (drop downs, checkboxes), gets auto-written job description, posts wherever and gets candidates prequalified Community members notified if they match a job immediately after job need created
  4. 4. Software Managers Recruiters and Hiring Managers WHO THEY ARE (breadth/depth of skills/experience) WHAT THEY WANT (breadth/depth of skills/experience) LinkedIn Widget Experience Timeline Widget Custom URL Metrics/Tracking Specific Job Requirements Custom URL Auto Match Auto Notify Auto Pre-Qualify Free $$$ / yr Exclusive Online Profile More Managers Hired
  5. 5. Market Anyone who hires software leaders. 500K recruiters in US alone. First: Independent recruiters. Small company hiring managers. Next: recruiting firms with site licensing option Pillars will seed candidates then grow organically as job descriptions include link back to to qualify candidates. focuses on developers and does a lot more but charges $25K a year for its one stop recruiting tool Independent recruiter or hiring manager: $200/mo or $2000/yr
  6. 6. Tech Co-Founder: Bernie Graham CEO: Brian Link The Team Software Tech Leader for 20+ years. Startup advisor. CTO at Digg, Toobla, ShapeUp, NSBGroup. Many leadership roles in 13 years of consulting Full-stack programmer + MBA. Lean startup advocate. LAMP for 15 years. CTO at BrainRush and ePlay. Built successful software consultancy.
  7. 7. The Ask Validation. Why wouldn’t it work? Be critical Tell tech friends or hirers to sign up: Pricing model opinions. Pay to see candidates? Only pay (a %) on successful hires? Intros to technical recruiters that place managers
  8. 8. @JoinPillars