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20 on 21st Century | A Vishnu Quiz | TackOn

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20 question on each year of the 21st century.

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20 on 21st Century | A Vishnu Quiz | TackOn

  1. 1. 20 Questions on 21st Century A Vishnu Quiz
  2. 2. Which event is suspected in this book, has been approved by ISI to divert the Pakistani forces from Durand line to provide an easy passage to Bin Laden into Pakistan? Q No. 1
  3. 3. Answer 2001 Parliament Attack
  4. 4. Which moment is this documentary about? This is a video question.View @ https://
  5. 5. Answer Sourav Ganguly shirt waving at Lords(2002)
  6. 6. In both English and French, the word means agreement, harmony or union. Although the initial name went with the French spelling suffixed by ‘e’. It was later changed by the British PM in early 60s to the English spelling. However, British govt. added back ‘e’ to the name by explaining that it stood for Excellence, England, Europe and Entente. What started in 60s was stopped in 2003? Q No. 3
  7. 7. Answer Concorde
  8. 8. A dialogue from this commercially unsuccessful 2003 movie gained overnight popularity 23 months later due to some geographical events. Identify the movie and the event? Q No. 4
  9. 9. Answer Anbe Sivam / Satyame Sivam | Tsunami
  10. 10. Connect the picture to an international political controversy. Q No. 5
  11. 11. Answer Oil for food scandal - Volcker Report (Saddam Hussein, Paul Volcker, Natwar Singh)
  12. 12. Connect the person in picture to a company's name which means “a series of short, high-pitched calls or sounds” or “talk in a light, high-pitched voice” or “talk rapidly and at length in a trivial way.” Q No. 6
  13. 13. Answer Twitter (Larry Bird is the name of twitter logo)
  14. 14. Why did this internet communication appliance launched by Cisco in 1998 came into lime- light in 2007? Q No. 7
  15. 15. Answer iPhone | Cisco owns the trademark for iPhone
  16. 16. This structure(on left) was originally designed to have a roof, but the plan was scrapped due to the rise in steel prices. Hence the Guns(on right) with Silver Iodide bullets were used for what purpose? Q No. 8
  17. 17. Answer To divert rains through cloud seeding during 2008 Olympics
  18. 18. Connect above entities to something not just limited to Hyderabad, but had a global impact. Q No. 9 Nipuna Services Nitor Global Solutions
  19. 19. Answer Satyam Scandal
  20. 20. Which floating marvel in the Indian sports history was designed by the world renowned event architect Mark Fisher and brought to life by a British balloon maker, Lindstrand Technologies in 2010? Q No. 10
  21. 21. Answer CWG 2010 Aerostat
  22. 22. Swedish water department got inspiration to increase water resources in one of their islands, from this army veteran’s initiative in India. Who is he? Q No. 11
  23. 23. Answer Anna Hazare
  24. 24. Why was this institute created in 2008? Hint: Its site redirects you to Sony Pictures Q No. 12
  25. 25. Answer To market 2012 movie!
  26. 26. “Keep this safely as a piece of history. Mom” “While we communicate with improving modern means, let us sample a bit of history.” “The End of an Era.” These were some of the last, while the content of the last one is not in public domain, but sent to a public figure on July 14, 2013. What is this about and who was it sent to? Q No. 13
  27. 27. Answer Last Telegram in India to Rahul Gandhi
  28. 28. A German innovator tranported his latest development of this technology to India to pitch to his potential customers Rahul Gandhi and L K Advani. Both the leaders were reluctant to buy it. Then a Bollywood filmmaker directed him to someone who spotted the potential and went ahead to create the history. Who was the customer and which technology is this whose earliest version was invented by John Henry pepper? Q No. 14
  29. 29. Answer 3D Hologram Technology used by Narendra Modi.
  30. 30. Persuaded by Meghnad Saha, Netaji established it in 1938 headed by M Visweswaraya. Visweswaraya stepped down to give way to Nehru. What was last chaired by Narendra Modi? Q No. 15
  31. 31. Answer Planning Commission
  32. 32. This is another instance where a south Indian movie predicted something in advance. Which movie? Q No. 16 Within one months’s time all the 500 & 1000 rupees notes has to be accounted and has to be converted in to 100 rupees notes. If not, the sail 500 & 1000 rs. Note will be declared null and void.
  33. 33. Answer Sivaji …The Boss
  34. 34. Bette Davis missed her Oscar nomination in 1935, which gave a lot of bad media coverage to the Academy. That same year, the Academy also saw accusations of fraudulent tabulating. What did they do to overcome these accusations and why was it in news in 2017? Q No. 17
  35. 35. Answer Outsourced the tabulating and accounting process to PWC. | The PWC connection was in news due to the 2017 La La Land and Moonlight confusion.
  36. 36. Sister of Mahishasura, Manchambika was cursed by a saint to turn into a demonic buffalo who was vanquished and released from the curse by a prince from Kerala. She then proposes to marry him, but the prince puts her on hold with a condition. Why was this story in news after 28 September 2018? Q No. 18
  37. 37. Answer Supreme Court lifts ban on women entry into Sabarimala The prince is Ayyappa. Manchambika is also known as Malikapurathamma
  38. 38. Rebecca Mercuri is a computer scientist. A transparent method proposed and named after her is basis for which device that was universally used at every centre of an independent organization in India in mid 2019? Q No. 19
  39. 39. Answer VVPAT - Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail
  40. 40. A thin green line observed during a solar eclipse was thought to be radiating from an undiscovered element and was named X as it was observed during the eclipse. Mendeleev theorised, this element could be lighter than the Hydrogen and renamed it as newtonium. It was only in 1950, we knew that the green and other coloured lines are the result of ionised metals. What is X? Q No. 20
  41. 41. Answer Coronium
  42. 42. Which English idiom arises in 1920s from the superstition among the theatre artists and dancers that wishing good luck to a person going on to stage is itself considered bad? My last question for the decade!
  43. 43. Answer Break a leg!
  44. 44. Wish you a sad 2021!
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