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Measure social media impact using analytics


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It is not enough to just be on social media, but it is equally important to analyze what you are doing. Using analytics can help a social media user be more effective with posts.

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Measure social media impact using analytics

  1. 1. More than a number Measure your social media impact
  2. 2. So you are on social media. Now what? 1. Set goals and objectives 2. Use tools to gather data 3. Use what you learn to increase impact
  3. 3. Goals Define • Social media impact is more than number of followers. • Should align with your publication goals.
  4. 4. Example Goals • • • • Build relationships with readers Expand readership to new audiences Have more conversations with readers Drive traffic to your website
  5. 5. Tools • • • • Look at built in insight tools Find third party tools to help Pay attention to tags in posts Use custom short links
  6. 6. What can you Learn • • • • Who is visiting your site When they are looking posts What time they are looking What social media platform they are using
  7. 7. Facebook Insights
  8. 8. Facebook Insights
  9. 9. Tweriod
  10. 10. TweetReach
  11. 11. TweetReach
  12. 12. Statigram
  13. 13. Statigram
  14. 14. Short Links
  15. 15. More resources • • • • Klout Google Analytics Tweepi Hootsuite
  16. 16. Impact Use data to increase What did you learn about your audience? What times were links most likely clicked on? What types of posts generated the most clicks? What platform is more widely used? How did expectations compare to reality?
  17. 17. Follow Through Designate someone to gather information on social media impact. Create monthly reports. Break down the information – What does it say about your audience? Compare to expectations. What opportunities can you build off of? Adjust objectives.
  18. 18. Takeaways • • • • Set Goals Measure using tools Learn from the data Repeat