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Product Management Roles - Briefly Explained


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Product Management or Product Manager or Product Marketer

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Product Management Roles - Briefly Explained

  1. 1. Product Management Roles Explained
  2. 2. Product ManagementIs A BroadOrganisationalFunction
  3. 3. It Stands to Reason …There Is More Than 1 RoleIn Product Management
  4. 4. But 2 Roles Standout
  5. 5. Product ManagerProduct Marketer
  6. 6. I focus onthe user I focus onthe buyerProduct ManagerProduct Marketer
  7. 7. I get excitedabout solvingproblemsI get excitedabout sellingproductsProduct ManagerProduct Marketer
  8. 8. I work closelywithDevelopmentI work closelywith Sales /MarcommsProduct ManagerProduct Marketer
  9. 9. I read up onthe latesttechnologytrendsI read aboutsalesoptimisationProduct ManagerProduct Marketer
  10. 10. My KPI iscost My KPI isrevenueProduct ManagerProduct Marketer
  11. 11. Together we are responsible forGross MarginProduct ManagerProduct Marketer
  12. 12. FramingWhat We Do
  13. 13. In A Nutshell…This Is What We Do…..Generate, source,rank a wide variety ofideas and businessproblems.Select and validate ideasthat have value in themarket place and willsurvive against externalmarket conditions.Turn the idea into aconcept and evaluatethe internal factors thatmay affect the concept.Engage deeply withcustomers to deliver aneffective solution thatsolves the targetmarket’s problem.Analyse, define anddesign the productand consider alternatesolutions.Plan externalmessaging about thevalue of the product tothe market, andarticulate productdifferentiation.Plan and implement thelaunch process, activitiesand event.Work closely with thedevelopment team tocheck that the buildoutcomes meet themarket’s requirements.
  14. 14. As You Can See…We Do A Lot!
  15. 15. Don’t Make Us Do More
  16. 16. More About TheProduct Manager
  17. 17. Product Manager Job DescriptionThe Product Manager:Leads the product through its entirelifecycle, from conception to retirement,Making intelligent, informed productdecisions at each intersection,That deliver on the business strategy.17
  18. 18. Product Manager Job DescriptionThe Product Manager has:An external perspective:The Product Manager is the ‘user’ expert.He understands the ‘user’ and the user’s environmentsintimately so that he may create a product that solves theuser’s problem better than any other solution in the market.Internal responsibilities:The Product Manager works and communicates effectivelywith other functions (Development, Customer Service,Finance, Sales and Marketing) in the business to create anddeliver an exceptional experience.18
  19. 19. Product Manager Responsibilities:IdeateCapture & PrioritiseIdeas / FeaturesResponsibleExploreMarket Analysis(Competitors, Trends,Supplier Informationetc)SharedResponsibiltyMarket Strategy ContributorExternal CustomerResearchContributorOpportunityAssessmentResponsibleFocusBusiness Case /Investment JustificationResponsible
  20. 20. Product Manager Responsibilities:ImmerseUser Insights ResponsiblePersona Development ResponsibleMarket Requirements /Customer StoriesResponsibleBusiness Requirements ContributorDesignProduct Requirements Responsible /ContributorPrototype Development ContributorBuildSupplier Engagement ContributorManaging Project ContributorSubject MatterExpertiseResponsibleTesting Contributor
  21. 21. Product Manager Responsibilities:LaunchInternal Training Contributor
  22. 22. More About TheProduct Marketer
  23. 23. Product Marketer Job DescriptionThe Product Marketer:Articulates and communicates thevalue of the product to the market.To deliver measurable benefits to thebusiness.23
  24. 24. Product Marketer Job DescriptionThe Product Marketer has:An external perspective:The Product Marketer is the ‘buyer’ expert.She understands the intricacies of the market which includesthe buyer, competitors, the competitive environment andsuppliers so that she may create messaging that may affectthe sale of the product.Internal responsibilities:The Product Marketer prepares all the necessary collateraland programs to support the sale of the product.24
  25. 25. Product Marketer Responsibilities:IdeateCapture & PrioritiseIdeas / FeaturesContributorExploreMarket Analysis(Competitors, Trends,Supplier Informationetc)SharedResponsibilityMarket Strategy ResponsibleExternal CustomerResearchResponsibleOpportunityAssessmentContributor
  26. 26. Product Marketer Responsibilities:PrepareMarketing Plan ResponsibleSales Collateral ResponsibleExternal MarketingCommunicationsResponsibleLaunchLaunch Plan ResponsibleDay to Day Product ManagementPricing ResponsibleAcquisition & RetentionProgramsResponsibleSales and ChannelSupportResponsibleReporting ResponsibleOngoing CustomerSentimentResponsible
  27. 27. But There AreOther ProductManagementRoles As Well
  28. 28. Especially In LargerOrganisations RequiringMore Specialisation
  29. 29. 1. Product Strategist2. Product Analyst3. Product Owner4. Product Development5. Product Designer6. Producer
  30. 30. These Roles ShareSOME Of TheResponsibilities Of TheProduct Manager AndProduct Marketer
  31. 31. Its Important toStay Focused
  32. 32. So….Don’t ManageProjectDeliverablesand Timeline
  33. 33. RefrainFromFightingFires…
  34. 34. I stayfocused onthe userI stayfocused onthe buyerProduct ManagerProduct Marketer
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