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Prelim p2


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Published in: Education
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Prelim p2

  1. 1. Preliminary Task (p2) By Chloe and Brandon
  2. 2. Flow Diagram of The Show This is a flow diagram showing the order of events in our radio broadcast and and brief explanation of what they will include
  3. 3. Equipment Needed ★ Dictaphone: To record small amounts of sound clips, such as vox pops. ★ Studio: To record the majority of the radio broadcast and the interview between the two people. ★ Nikon Camera: To take images of our written work so that we can upload it to the blog
  4. 4. Script This is a copy of our final script that we will use in our Radio broadcast
  5. 5. Job Roles The Job Roles are as follows: Chloe - Radio Host/Interviewer Chloe - Archive Clip Voice Brandon - Jingle Voice Brandon - Guest (John Whittaker)
  6. 6. Guest Our Guest is going to be John Whittaker. John Whitaker MBE is a British equestrian and former Olympian. The guest role will be played by Brandon.