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A round up of the 2012 cannes lions. THE GENEROUS AGE OF ADVERTISING. There is no such thing as a free lunch - this is especially true in advertising. By ‘generous’ we don’t mean pro bono or charity.

We’re talking about brands that do things for and with people. These brands create value and earn attention.

Today’s successful brands find the mutual value exchange between brand and consumer.


  1. JUNE 26, 2012
  2. @matfree @patdack @nicothiboutot @jpmartzel @bridooMathieu Morgensztern Patrick Dacquin Nicolas Thiboutot Jean-Philippe Martzel Bridget JungCEO Digitas France Creative Director Creative Director Planning & Strategy Director Chief Creative Officer
  3. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAYIt’s not every day that the President of the United Statestweets about an idea.American Express created Small Business Saturday, anew shopping day right after Black Friday, to help smallbusinesses get what they needed most: more customers.American Express built a marketing campaign thatcommunicated the importance of small businesses while home a call to action for consumers and smallbusinesses at the local level. Consumers were asked toshop, and small businesses were provided with the toolsthey needed to get the word out to their customers.We’re proud of (and excited about) Small BusinessSaturday - it’s a great introduction to the theme for ourCannes review this year... GRAND PRIX DIRECT GRAND PRIX PROMO & ACTIVATION AMERICAN EXPRESS, SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY DIGITAS NEW YORK & CP+B BOULDER
  4. There is no such thing as a free lunch -this is especially true in advertising.By ‘generous’ we don’t mean pro bonoor charity.We’re talking about brands that dothings for and with people. Thesebrands create value and earn attention.Today’s successful brands find themutual value exchange between brandand consumer.
  5. #1 CREATING SHARED VALUE { SOCIETY }Following on from Small Business Saturday let’s start bylooking at some of the other brands that go beyond promotingtheir product and take on a bigger broader mission. Thatsaid, this doesn’t mean that the brand is not promoted - it’sjust a matter of getting the right balance. Some exampleshave some pretty serious drive to purchase mechanics, butwhen it’s transparent and wrapped up into a more generousexperience consumers are often happy to take part.
  6. #1 CREATING SHARED VALUE { SOCIETY } UNHATE A polarizing campaign sparking debate on politics, race and religion. Most people have seen this campaign - but interestingly, never in its original format. The campaign aired for one day and then went viral online. GRAND PRIX PRESS BENETTON, UNHATE FABRICA Treviso, ITALY
  7. #1 CREATING SHARED VALUE { SOCIETY } DAY ONE STORIES Prudential celebrated the “Day One Stories” from across the country, starting the real conversations around retirement — without all the clichés. They encouraged people to pro-actively plan for their own retirement. Win Win for brand and consumer. GOLD TITANIUM AND INTEGRATED PRUDENTIAL, DAY ONE STORIES DROGA5
  8. #1 CREATING SHARED VALUE { SOCIETY } CHIPOTLE Most of us have seen the video clip. But behind it is a deeper engagement platform “Cultivate a better world” that celebrates people changing food culture and invites customers to join this journey. Interesting to see how a fast food brand can stake out ownership in sustainable farming. GRAND PRIX BRANDED CONTENT & ENTERTAINMENT CHIPOTLE CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY Los Angeles
  9. #1 CREATING SHARED VALUE { SOCIETY } BE THE COACH A great example here from Carling Black Label that shows how shared value can come out of shared passions. The brand invited people to really “be the coach”. From selecting players to subbing on or off in real time - participation was fueled by purchase (unique codes printed on the bottle caps). Proving that brands can be generous and sell product. GOLD BRANDED CONTENT & ENTERTAINMENT CARLING BLACK LABEL OGILVY CAPE TOWN
  10. #1 CREATING SHARED VALUE { SOCIETY } DON’T MAKE UP AND DRIVE It’s important to note that brands can take on a bigger broader missions without making a huge investment. Let’s take a look at this small (but effective) tactical execution to alert women about the risk of applying makeup while driving. A smart partnership with a beauty blogger gave this an immediate audience with little media investment. GOLD CYBER VOLKSWAGEN, DON’T MAKE UP AND DRIVE DDB TRIBAL, BERLIN
  11. #1 CREATING SHARED VALUE { SOCIETY } HELP I WANT TO SAVE A LIFE Some smart behavioural economics turn a bandaid pack into a recruitment drive for bone marrow donors. It’s hard to know who the advertiser is - Help Remedies or DKMS? It doesn’t matter because both win - a great example of a partnership that creates shared value for both parties (and consumers). GRAND PRIX FOR GOOD HELP REMEDIES, HELP I WANT TO SAVE A LIFE DROGA5
  12. #1 CREATING SHARED VALUE { SOCIETY } THE BIG TURN ON To charge the conversation about electric driving Nissan set out so find the most ‘turned on’ city and reward it with 30 free charging stations. All of this creating shared value for indivuduals, community and the brand. BRANDED CONTENT & ENTERTAINMENT NISSAN LEAF, THE BIG TURN ON DIGITAS FRANCE
  13. #2 CREATING VALUE AROUND {ME}Generous advertising is not always trying to changesociety. This generosity can be a direct exhange betweenbrand and individual. Often these experiences arepersonal and personalised - making them shareworthy.We’ll wrap up this section with a case study that’s realtimeand reactive - bringing a new personal dimension to liveevents.
  14. #2 CREATING VALUE AROUND {ME} MUSEUM OF ME Intel invites users to stroll through their social graph as if it were a museum or gallery. A personal and personalised demonstration of intel processors. GOLD CYBER INTEL, MUSEUM OF ME PROJECTOR TOKYO
  15. #2 CREATING VALUE AROUND {ME} THE LIBERATION Let’s look at a brand that has created value through a truly personalised experience. Is this a fashion catalogue? movie? game? music video? on demand retail experience? It’s all of the above and it’s up to the user to decide how they want to engage. GOLD CYBER ONLY, THE LIBERATION UNCLE GREY COPENHAGEN
  16. #2 CREATING VALUE AROUND {ME} GOOGLE OK GO We couldn’t do a Cannes Review without mentioning this. Google won big last year with Arcade Fire. They are back again this year with OK GO. A nice example of how a brand can show generosity by creating a cool personalised experience that people want to use (whilst demonstrating the performance of google chrome). In this instance people could choreograph a personal message. GOLD CYBER GOOGLE, ALL IS NOT LOST HAKUHODO Tokyo
  17. #2 CREATING VALUE AROUND {ME} POLAR BEARS The realtime and reactive superbowl advertising from coke shows how a brand can create value around sharing an event and being with {me} in the moment. GOLD DIRECT COKE, POLAR BEARS WIEDEN+KENNEDY Portland
  18. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC We are seeing more and more creative technology - shifting advertising from fake to real. We used to rely on faking it (through CGI or special effects). Now we can create incredible experiences for real. Magic! Interestingly we saw more innovation in print, radio and outdoor than in the cyber (and yes the name cyber seems even more ridiculous this year).
  19. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC INVISIBLE CAR It’s not often that you try to make your product invisible as part of your advertising. Dramatizing the new zero- emission technology, Mercedes literally made the car invisible to the environment through a pretty impressive cloaking effect. cannes lions casestudy GRAND PRIX OUTDOOR MERCEDES-BENZ B-CLASS F-CELL JUNG von MATT Hamburg
  20. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC SOLAR POWERED ANNUAL REPORT There’s not much talk about annual reports these days.   This example from Austria Solar is interesting because it turns reading the annual report into an experience.   Apart from being a pretty cool – it’s a magical experience that brings to life the main mission of the company. GRAND PRIX DESIGN AUSTRIA SOLAR SERVICEPLAN Munich
  21. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC LITTLE MARINA Target took over Fashion Week with a giant 25ft puppet. We love the combination of low tech & high tech -  puppeteers gave her a very believable presence as she tweets and blogs on her giant iPhone. It brought magic to fashion week and made Target worth talking about. BRONZE TITANIUM & INTEGRATED TARGET MOTHER New York
  22. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC TNT DRAMA TNT brought magic to the everday by literally putting passers-by ‘in the movie’. Interesting to note we see more and more of these kinds of stunts filmed for a happy few, and then diffused on YouTube at scale. SILVER FILM TNT DUVAL GUILLAUME MODEM Antwerp
  23. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC REPELLENT RADIO A simple idea that turned any radio into a mosquito repellent. An innovative use of radio and a great way for Go Outside Magazine to give something back to their readers. GRAND PRIX RADIO GO OUTSIDE MAGAZINE TALENT São Paulo,
  24. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC BUY THE WORLD A COKE Fiction becomes reality. Part of Google’s project re:brief, a creative concept from Coke in the 70s becomes a brand experience today. Google proved that you can literally buy the world a coke. Creative technology provides the magic to make this happen. Interesting that the brand entered here is google, not coke! GRAND PRIX MOBILE GOOGLE GROW INTERACTIVE Norfolk
  25. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC RED TOMATO Red Tomato created the VIP fridge magnet which let customers order pizza at the press of a button. A gift to loyal customers that sent sales and visibility through the roof. GOLD MOBILE RED TOMATO TBWARAAD Dubai
  26. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC McDONALDS Technology is not the only way a brand can deliver magic. Brands that demonstrate true understanding can transform a great insight into a powerful campaign. We thought this print campaign from McDonalds was great. Simple, powerful and spot on. Anyone with kids will love it. GOLD PRESS McDONALDS DDB South Africa
  27. #3 EARNING ATTENTION THROUGH MAGIC DADS IN BRIEFS Again, another example of a powerful insight executed to perfection. In this case a very local insight can touch and engage a global audience - it’s the magic of advertising. GOLD FILM BGH AIR CONDITIONERS DEL CAMPO NAZCA SAATCHI & SAATCHI
  28. #4 PRODUCT INNOVATION & SERVICE DESIGN We’ve seen some ideas that try to change society. We’ve seen ideas that focus in on the value around the individual. And we’ve looked at how brands are creating magic. Now lets take a look at the brands creating value by reinventing the product itself, or wrapping a services around it.
  29. #4 PRODUCT INNOVATION & SERVICE DESIGN NIKE FUEL It’s hard to tell what’s product and what’s campaign which is a sign of true success.  This is the ultimate example of a brand doing things for and with people. It embraces the three previous themes (society, individual and magic). What’s interesting is that they could potentially own the metric for energy. How much longer will we need calories? TITANIUM & GRAND PRIX CYBER NIKE FUEL R/GA New York
  30. #4 PRODUCT INNOVATION & SERVICE DESIGN TWEET SYNC SAVE We want to close with an example from Digitas New York that was too recent to enter at Cannes this year - but brings to life this last them in The Age Of Generous Advertising. American Express brought new value and meaning to “the membership effect” through a smart partnership with Twitter that brings value to both card members and merchants. NOT SUBMITTED @ CANNES 2012 AMERICAN EXPRESS DIGITAS New York
  32. MERCI