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Final Report Summary Group Effort


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Final Report Summary Group Effort

  1. 1. ITEC-4750-01 Networking & Information Assurance Team Assignment Summaries & Group EffortsProject Name: ITEC 4750 Senior Capstone Network ProjectTeam Members: Paul Szczepaniak, Teresa Barron, Brittany Gilstrap, Paul Spilman, Alexander Wang, Ronald Norton, Kimberly Pate & Jerry BryanProject Manager: Jerry BryanDate: Sunday, November 13, 2011Prepared By Document Owner(s) Project/Organization Role Teresa Barron Company Liaison Brittany Gilstrap Scope ManagerProject Closure Report Version Control Version Date Author Change Description 1 11/13/11 Teresa Barron Create document. 2 11/16/11 Teresa Barron Revise document 3 11/30/11 Brittany Gilstrap Combine document.
  2. 2. Assignment 1 Summary In assignment 1, we had to identify and describe a real world problem or opportunity,then we had to investigate and complete fact gathering. After the fact gathering is complete wehad to investigate and present system feasibility. For the first part of the assignment, we identifyour real world problem or opportunity as “FreeMax” a locally owned regional real-estatecompany that is headquartered in Macon with branch offices in Dublin, Warner Robins, andPerry. We have also stated that FreeMax is dedicated to providing strong leadership andguidance throughout the real estate buying and selling experience. FreeMax (our company)desires to install a new Wide Area Network update the Local Area Network(s) where necessaryin all locations due to recent company changes and business growth. Also, the company wishesto the company wishes to deploy a companywide Internet Protocol (IP) based phone systemrequiring upgraded infrastructure in some cases and new infrastructure in other cases. Thecompany plans to outsource their email services to Google Apps and the company plans tomaintain its own web servers at the Macon location. In addition, we have worked up a feasibility report that details the current analysis ofFreeMax and what the company needed in order to install WAN and be able to update the LAN.We have included an initial hardware & software cost estimate that list the type of hardware thatwould be used in the in company along with Quantity and the cost of each piece of hardwareneeded by the company. Also, we had worked up a Cost-Benefit analysis that describes theadvantages of using a MPLS Layer 2 Point to Point that might be suitable for FreeMax and cansave up to 40% of the cost compared to other network hardware. Along with that we also listedthe disadvantages of MPLS are that it only provides high bandwidth circuits and point tomultipoints are supported by MPLS. Part of Assignment 1 we developed a project charter, scope
  3. 3. statement , team contract, communication plan , work breakdown structure that we reviewed andsigned during our first or second team meeting to discuss assignment parts that are needed for thecapstone. In addition, we have include a Gantt chart to illustrate project milestones andassignment due dates.Assignment 1 Group Effort For assignment one, we decided we wanted to kick off the first assignment and the classwith a physical meeting on the campus. Most members were able to meet up, while some werenot, but were contacted after the meeting to be assigned their work for the assignment. Eachmember was given a document to complete, and upload to the discussion board. After thismeeting, everyone conducted the rest of the assignment via the discussion board, and everyonetook part in updating and uploading all documents necessary for the assignments instructions.Everyone did a good job coordinating, and getting their assignments in on time for the turn indate. This was probably the best coordination we had out of all our assignments, and I believethat the face to face meeting was a great benefit for us.Assignment 2 Summary For this assignment we had to spit up team and worked on the necessary parts of theassignment. Part 1, Paul and Brittany worked together to create Inputs, Outputs and Proceduresof the Capstone project. The second part of the assignment was focused on Information SystemDesign & Development that describe what kind of technology that the company uses. It alsodescribes that company use web-based service that is cutting edge that delivers accurate andtimely data analysis to customers and employees. The third part of the assignment, AlexanderWang and Jerry Bryan worked together to identify the hardware and software like the necessary
  4. 4. software applications that we are using to develop the project along with any networkablehardware. For our project, we specified that we use Dell servers, multifunction network printers,wireless access points, voice over IP phones that will be setup in the branch office. On the finalpart of the assignment, I worked with Ron to discuss system integration issues by describingpossible software applications like Drop box to access project files in a secure internetenvironment. Also, we have discussed using VPNs between offices that that do not sharebroadband equipment and capabilities as well as communicating between service providers. Wehave also described using Using Active Directory to manage authentication will require us to beaware of the locations that do not carry a high bandwidth.Assignment 2 Group Effort For assignment two, we decided that we would try to do the assignment completelyonline, and coordinate the completion through the discussion board only. Group members weresplit up into partners to complete the different parts of this assignment. Again, everyonecoordinated to finish their parts on time, but the amount of discussion fell shorter than expectedcompared to our assignment one discussion. Regardless, we were able to get our parts in on timefor the due date, everyone was then asked to state opinions towards the completion of theassignment, and how they felt it went.Assignment 3 Summary Assignment 3 was split into 2 separate parts: Information Systems EvaluationRecommendations and Maintenance Recommendations. The evaluation recommendations wediscussed the purpose, system testing and analysis, user testing and feedback that we used for theevaluating the network for our real estate company FreeMax. Maintenance recommendations
  5. 5. describe the types of recommendations that were needed to maintain the information systems ofFreeMax Realty. We have stated the scope of the company’s IT support department will largelydepend on the nature of any third party support agreements with local IT support contractors,hardware and software vendors and limiting factors such as Internet connectivity where remotesupport may be available at little to no cost above existing support agreements.Assignment 3 Group Effort For assignment three, we decided we would do the assignment through the discussionboard because the group leader would be out of town, but unfortunately, no work was done untilthe last week it was due when the group leader would finally be back in town. During the lastweek, the assignment was then divided into two parts, and the group was divided in half for theseparts. One member from each of the groups wrote the preliminary version of the document forthe other members to overview or modify it, if needed, and comment with approvals. In the end,the team pulled it together, and was able to get the work done while submitting it on time aswell.