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Fincluziv Bank Presentation

Fincluziv offers a SaaS to banks that automates & digitises their short-term lending process & experience.

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Fincluziv Bank Presentation

  1. 1. Short-term lending simplified, automated and digitized
  2. 2. Problem High risks For financial institutions globally High costs Short-term lending to individuals and SMEs is a business that involves
  3. 3. Solution Automation & digitization B2B2C business model Costs & risks reduction + =
  4. 4. How does it work ? Corporate client Labor contracts Commercial contracts Employees of corporate client Suppliers of corporate client Salary Advances Invoice Advances Bank-client relationship Bank Repayment of Advances through salary deductions / invoice paymentsInvestors Syndication SaaS
  5. 5. Everyone benefits Fincluziv creates a strong competitive advantage for banks Banks Corporates Employees & Suppliers Revenue Generation ✓ ✓ Cost Reduction ✓ ✓ ✓ Risk Mitigation ✓ ✓ UX improvement ✓ ✓ ✓ No performance risk on Fincluziv ✓ ✓ ✓ Plug & Play ✓ ✓ CSR initiative ✓ ✓
  6. 6. Risk Mitigation: Invoice Advance No asymmetry of information: invoices downloaded by corporate client No payment risk on supplier: repayment by corporate client on invoice due date Fincluziv transforms a credit risk on a supplier into a payment risk on a corporate client accepted by banks No performance risk on supplier: invoices accepted by corporate client
  7. 7. Risk Mitigation: Salary Advance No asymmetry of information: key information downloaded from corporate client Diversification: large number of small advances to many employees No payment risk on employee: repayment through salary deduction by corporate client Fincluziv mitigates a credit risk on an employee with a payment risk on a corporate client accepted by banks
  8. 8. Key Features Transaction-based revenue model Fincluziv does not control accounts / money First of its kind SaaS SaaS architecture
  9. 9. Team Bruno Gremez – Full-time Product & Business Development 20 years banking experience (BNP Paribas and ABN AMRO) Entrepreneur since 2013. Samir Kasmi - Full-time Product & Business Development 10 years banking experience (Societe Generale and ABN AMRO) Entrepreneur since 2013. Altan Altinsoy – Full-time CTO / full stack developer IT engineer with more than 10 years experience (Safran, PSA Group, Valeo). Merouan Hakem – Part-time Technical Advisor IT Project manager with more than 10 years experience (AXA and BPCE).
  10. 10. Next Steps Q1 2019: participation to Startupbootcamp/ DIFC / HSBC / Visa/ Mashreq Bank Dubai Fintech Accelerator H1 2019: test solution with few banks on a limited scale H2 2019: start commercialization Bootstrapped fintech startup: technical solution ready for testing