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The fabrications (book) by Baret Magarian

Graphic presentation of the book "The fabrications" by Baret Magarian with intro to the story, links to reviews, contacts and social media. Please share!

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The fabrications (book) by Baret Magarian

  2. 2. “A brillant achievement… extremely original, ambitious and accomplished… a novel which seeks out the company of the modern masters.” JONATHAN COE author of The Winshaw Legacy and Number Eleven
  4. 4. When Bloch starts writing a fictionalized story about his friend Oscar, the invented details from it start to come true...
  5. 5. “Never more prescient than in our post- fact world — in which reality TV show figures who never read books but watch endless hours of television hold the hi- ghest political offices in the land, The Fabrications’ satire is spot on… a tour de force of the literary imagination… It’s a wondrous novel both cleverly satirical of our spectacle-based society and philosophically profound, a rare accomplishment.” Lee Foust The Florence News
  6. 6. A novel that begins as a black and white tale... that becomes more colourful... as it goes on... and moves from the land... to the sea... from cars to fish… Baret Magarian
  7. 7. “In this sparkling, darkly humorous novel, Magarian explores the intersection of creativity, romance, and the schizophrenic media that both idolize and destroy. ... A resplendent tale about an unlikely prophet that deserves to be pondered at length...” KIRKUS
  8. 8. Baret Magarian is of Armenian extraction, from London, and lives in Florence. He has interviewed such diverse figures as Peter Ustinov, the brilliant actor- director and raconteur and Salman Rushdie, the celebrated novelist. He has worked as a lecturer, translator, fringe theatre director and actor. His fiction has appeared in World Literature Today, Journal of Italian Transla- tion, White Fly Press, The Sandspout and Sagarana. In London he was a free- lance journalist and contri- buted articles to The Times, The Guardian, The Indepen- dent and The Daily Tele- graph.
  9. 9. Press Release Review Lee Foust “Florence News” Review World Literature Today Review Kirkus Cover of the book PRESS RELEASE AND Reviews
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  11. 11. If you are a critic or reviewer interested in reading or reviewing the book you can contact us at: contact
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