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SEO Revolution and SEO Superpowers


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Caliber SEO Director of Strategy Mike Br

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SEO Revolution and SEO Superpowers

  1. 1. SEO Revolution and SuperpowersTravel Bloggers UniteRotterdamMay 2013
  2. 2. What the heck am I talking about?• Revolution• Superhero powers to fight back• Questions
  3. 3. SEO is about Results
  4. 4. Position is everythingWinnerAlmostwinningGettingtherePrettygoodDoing ok
  5. 5. Position is everything30% clicks12% clicks7% clicks5% clicks4% clicks
  6. 6. Changes in LayoutLook at that realestatePretty faces &pretty CTR
  7. 7. New information addedEats up lotsof the clicksLook at thesize of thatthing!!!
  8. 8. Where did that come from?
  9. 9. Clicks & KeywordsBlog Space
  10. 10. Brands now want your trafficBlog spaceBrand space
  11. 11. Just one more thing
  12. 12. Google Updates
  13. 13. Accelerating Google Updates
  14. 14. Pandas
  15. 15. Penguins
  16. 16. SCARED?
  17. 17. Don’t give up
  18. 18. Being a good guy/gal• Do only good things
  19. 19. Being a good guy/gal• Do only good things• Follow terms and conditions
  20. 20. Being a good guy/gal• Do only good things• Follow terms and conditions• Keep writing great content
  21. 21. Being a good guy/gal• Do only good things• Follow terms and conditions• Keep writing great content• No more shortcuts
  22. 22. Being a good guy/gal• Do only good things• Follow terms and conditions• Keep writing great content• No more shortcuts• No good ends from bad means
  23. 23. SEO Super Powers• X-Ray Vision• Invisibility• Intelligence• Stamina/ Strength• Cool gadgets
  24. 24. X-Ray Vision
  25. 25. X-Ray Vision• Rankings are about relevance• Queries are not just words– Queries are concepts– You need to “see through the query”• Intent• Relevance• Websites that focus on concepts rank best• Websites that focus on keywords rank worse
  26. 26. X-Ray Vision• Freebase :– What parts make up the thing “Rotterdam”• Currency• Country• Airport• Government• Attractions• Not all parts are right for your content• Government?• Seems out of place
  27. 27. Amazing Intelligence• Query in title– Near the front is best• Query variant in Headings– Don’t duplicate the title• Copy variants– Use related words in the copy• Images– Mark up properly : alt/title• Videos– Make a transcription• Include links to related content
  28. 28. Amazing Intelligence• Adding search value example– “Rotown Bar Rotterdam Review”• Give address of bar• How to get there information• Prices in bar• Mention Rotterdam -> Holland• Mention DJs playing• Link to their website• Mention post on twitter/facebook– Post it to their company profile
  29. 29. Spot the SEO?
  30. 30. Power of Invisibility• Don’t do SEO that looks like SEO• SEO shouldn’t detract from the UX• Get to work with some plugins• Improve understanding of your site
  31. 31. Power of invisibility• Rel=“author”– You need to do this!!!• If you haven’t do it ASAP– Google wants to rank people & experts–• Get into microdata– Schema Creator plugin• Make your results better• Get stars into results• Manage your message
  32. 32. Cool Gadgets
  33. 33. Cool Gadgets• Webmaster Tools– Google and Bing both have these– Check your “error” pages• Too many errors = collapse in rankings– : redirect error pages– Check you “average” rankings– Warning from Google
  34. 34. Cool Gadgets• Check out your links–
  35. 35. Strength & Stamina• Ranks take time• Don’t expect everything over night
  36. 36. What does an SEO Superhero looklike?
  37. 37. Actions• Get authorship installed• Keep writing great content– Focus on improving information about “things”• Use microformats layout• Get your gadgets in place• Read Google SEO Guide
  38. 38. Thanks
  39. 39. Yep I’m that geek• I was Mike Briggs• My suit counts as a costume• Come say hi• @caliberi•• @michaelkebriggs