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Capitalize on an Enterprise-Wide Reorganization by Redesigning HR

See how a telecommunications company built a global HR organization from scratch in just 6 months across 50 countries in response to an organizational restructuring.

Learn how Alcatel Lucent Enterprise used SAP SuccessFactors solutions to simplify HR processes, enable self-service, and accelerate headcount reporting by 87% with Capgemini’s help.

Presented by Johannes Neumann, Alcatel Lucent, at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016.

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Capitalize on an Enterprise-Wide Reorganization by Redesigning HR

  1. 1. 1 Capitalize on an Enterprise-Wide Reorganization by Redesigning HR SAPPHIRE 2016 Orlando Johannes Neumann – HR Project Manager Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  2. 2. 2 SAPPHIRE 2016 Agenda Who is ALE? !  Our Company: ALE !  The Spin-Off !  The HR Challenge SF Implementation - How did we do it? !  Before and After SuccessFactors !  Our SF Implementation Partner: Capgemini !  Selecting an HRIS !  The implementation Team & Timeline !  The Configuration !  The Roll Out !  Measuring the Roll Out Success Discussion and Q&A
  3. 3. Providing enterprise communications solutions from the office to the cloud Who is Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise?
  4. 4. Our Company About Us Our company is a leading provider of enterprise communications solutions and services, from the office to the cloud, marketed under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand. With communications, networking and cloud solutions for business of all sizes, our team of technology experts, service professionals, and 2900+ partners serves more than 830,000 customers worldwide, tailoring and adapting our solutions and services to local requirements.
  5. 5. 5 The Spin-Off !  October 1st 2014 Alcatel-Lucent completed the sale of its Enterprise business to China Huaxin !  15% minority stake held by Alcatel-Lucent " A new era for ‘ALE’ begins! !  The new company - Complex task of creating a new infrastructure to become an independent company: •  Creation of new legal entities and offices worldwide •  New IT/IS systems •  New financial infrastructure •  A new HRIS for all employees !  15 months down the road we are an independent, mid- sized business with strong existing assets in 50 countries.
  6. 6. 6 The HR challenge !  Become standalone in 3 months for 15 countries with over 2000 employees !  Become standalone in 15 months for all 50+ countries with 2700+ employees !  Build a global HR team from scratch in 6 months supporting all countries !  Implement payroll and benefits !  Design and implement basic global HR processes !  Change processes and mindset from a large multinational to a midsized company (from 60.000 to 2700 employees) SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY !!
  7. 7. Providing seamless access inventing tailored solutions delivering tangible outcomes Implementing SF – How did we do it?
  8. 8. Before and After SuccessFactors !  October 2014: •  Multiple legacy HR tools for employee data management, performance management and recruitment. •  Dropping out of legacy tools quickly. •  Broken approval & workflows. •  Manual and resource-intensive workarounds: emails and Excel tables….no legal compliance !  October 2015: •  SuccessFactors implemented for all 2700 employees and 800 contractors. !  Recruitment !  Performance Management !  Employee Central for data mgmt and employee self service
  9. 9. 9 !  Understood our specific circumstances !  Open minded for alternative selection and implementation approaches !  Understood our need for forced simplification and for‚ keeping things light‘ !  Approach: self-service tool, light on maintenance, HR not being ‚the police‘‚ off the shelf‘ implementation with minimum configuration Our SF Implementation Partner
  10. 10. Selecting an HRIS !  Our comparison and selection process narrowed down to 2 major cloud-based applications: SuccessFactors Competitor User Interface ++ ++ Integration of modules + ++ ‚Fit‘ for ALE: flexibility of configuration ++ + Suitable Implementation Partners ++ + Overall ++ + !  ‚On-premise‘ solutions: too costly, too time-consuming and not ‚off the shelf‘ * This is our own and ‚subjective‘ perception when comparing the 2 tools & vendors
  11. 11. 11 The Implementation Team Employee Central Recruitment Performance Management ALE 2x IT, 3x HR and the ALE PM 1 HR and the ALE PM 1 HR and the ALE PM Capgemini Depending on phase: 1 Consultant and the Cap PM 1 Consultant and the Cap PM 1 Consultant and the Cap PM !  On the ALE side: a core team with a mix of HR, IT and Business Representatives. !  On the Cap side: a dynamic core team consisting of the Project Director, a PM, Consultants and additional resources depending on the project phase
  12. 12. 12 The Implementation Timeline GO-Live GO-Live JunMayJan Feb Mar Apr Jul 20152014 Nov Dec Solution selection Core HR – SF EC Sign Off 1st Configuration-WB Final Configuration Sign Off Technical GO-Live Big Bang Recruitment Mgt Goal Setting & Perf. Management Sign Off 1st Configuration-WB Final Configuration Sign Off Big Bang Global meeting 2 iterations First iteration Prepare Realise Verify Launch Iteration feedback Roll-out Legend Milestone Sign Off 1st Configuration-WB Final Configuration Sign Off Big Bang GO-Live 2 iterations Contracts & Project Planning
  13. 13. 13 !  Off the shelf (to the max. possible): our implementation partner advised us on the ‚lightest‘ approach to avoid too much configuration. !  Employee Central: no position mgmt, no absence mgmt, no global assignments and a simplified BU/BD structure !  Recruiting: simple and efficient requisition form, mostly pre-populated approval paths, standard career site !  Performance Mgmt: Goal Plan and Performance Mgmt. Module: minimal configurations !  No payroll integration via connectors (implementation too time-consuming and too costly) " All payroll relevant transactions are covered with workflows that include the payroll team: The Configuration - Summary Payroll team performs change in local payroll engine Change of payroll-relevant data in SF Payroll team (by country) included into workflow (as ‚approver‘) in SF Manager Employee HR
  14. 14. The Roll Out !  Big Bang! - All employees and contractors globally-All modules !  Multiple communication channels (emails to employees, intranet articles) !  Self learning for employees: variety of self produced 1 minute video clips !  Virtual training sessions for HR users !  Virtual training sessions for people managers: 8 alternative training sessions (30 min each) covering 300 out of 500 people managers (so far)
  15. 15. 15 Measuring the Success of the SF Roll - Out Before SF With SF " What has been improved HC reporting: creating snapshot and inflow/outflow reports 2 months 1 week maximum Saves ½ FT in Finance, ½ FT in HR and ½ to ¼ hct in Sales (Sales Operations) Employee data and payroll changes Multiple emails and phone calls Workflow via tool Managers and HR now have self-service - including approval by management and receipt/validation by HR / Payroll Recruitment Approval via email. Posting via multiple tools. Application of candidates via email Approvals and posting via SF, candidates via SF Self-service for managers to register requisition. Approval process via tool. Candidates via tool (no emails). Goal Setting and Performance Mgmt Excel forms or interim self- programmed tool. No monitoring of progress or reporting Process via SF including reporting Full visibility and reportability of goal setting and perf mgmt process by: ! Individual ! Team ! Country ! BU ! Manager
  16. 16. Discussion and Q&A
  17. 17. 17 Discussion and Q&A Implementing a new HR tool: a unique chance to revise and simplify your core HR processes!
  18. 18. Discussion and Q&A ‚Out of the box‘ – approach: implementing Successfactors Employee Central with 1 iteration only: realistic?
  19. 19. Small to mid-sized companies and cloud HR tools: over the top or perfect match? Discussion and Q&A
  20. 20. BPR: before, during or after the implementation? Discussion and Q&A
  21. 21. 21 Follow us on: THANK YOU!
  22. 22. !  1 iteration only !  originally 17 workflows only (3 had to be added in the meantime and the rest had to be re-worked, please see ‚Lessons Learned‘…) !  only 2 organisation levels (‚BU‘/‘BD‘) and 2 levels of job families (‚job function‘ /‘job function type‘) !  changes in around 40 data fields automatically trigger 10 different workflows (via ‚event derivation rules‘) !  5 languages enabled for manager and employee self-service - but so far only 2 languages (English and French) fully configured and all UDFs translated for EC, Performance Mgmt & Recruiting !  6 countries (China, India, Germany, France, USA, Russia) with individual data fields !  only current employee data – no historical data. Data import via standard import templates !  Standard reports !  basic configuration of Mobile app for all 3 modules APPENDIX: The Configuration – Employee Central
  23. 23. !  2 iterations !  Standard set up for req creation, approval path, posting and candidate management !  Requisition creation via manager self-service !  Only 2 req templates: internal and external recruitment !  Approval path partially autopopulated (depending on internal or external recruitment): •  User only needs to select his HR/Recruiter and his corresponding member of the ALE Excec committee. •  All other approvers including CFO and CEO (in case of external recruitment) are autopopulated !  Basic automated candidate correspondence !  Standard internal and external career site with minimum configuration only (ALE company presentation) !  We manually migrated re-approved requisitions from legacy tools into SuccessFactors before the launch APPENDIX: The Configuration - Recruiting
  24. 24. APPENDIX: The Configuration – Goal Setting & Performance Mgmt !  2 iterations !  Goal Setting module: !  with efficient configuration of Goal Template !  ‚Cascading‘ functionality enabled !  Goal name, Goal description, Goal measurement !  collaborative setting for both manager and employee to enter/edit goals at the same time !  Performance Management module: !  2 review phases: ‚Mid – Year review‘ and ‚Overall Year assessment‘ !  employee self assessment and manager assessment !  " we migrated 2015 goals of employees into SuccessFactors via file load
  25. 25. APPENDIX: Consultation Processes & Data Security Audits !  Information processes to worker representatives or authorities in a number of countries !  France: !  Consultations with local union representatives on all ALE sites in France !  Detailed demonstrations of all 3 modules to union representatives !  Q&A on data security and technical measures to protect access& data !  Germany: consultation and co-determination !  presentations to works council and signing of an agreement (‚Betriebsvereinbarung‘) for the SF usage !  data security audit with external consultant !  ‚data order processing contract‘ between French mother company (ALE International) and subsidy in Germany (ALE Deutschland GmbH) including list of technical and organisational measures to protect data security !  detailed grid explaining view and edit rights for each user role for all data field in all 3 modules
  26. 26. SuccessFactors HRIS Architecture at ALE ADP GlobalView ADP Streamline: multiple local payroll providers and tools ‘Employee Central’: MASTER SYSTEM (for hires, terminations, data changes etc) China: FESCO SLAVE SYSTEM (for basic payroll information uploaded into SF) PAYROLL TOOLS Cost Center Information IAM • Payroll tools produce flatfiles which will be uploaded into SuccessFactors regularly • No automated integration from SuccessFactors to Payroll tools! Performance Mgmt Module Recruitment Module SuccessFactors to payroll systems: payroll team included as ‚approver‘ in all payroll-relevant workflows USA: Insperity Expense Mgmt, employee communication, Travel mgmt
  27. 27. 27