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Dreamforce Debrief - Social enterprise goes mobile


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Dreamforce Debrief - Social enterprise goes mobile

  1. 1. The Social Enterprise goes MobileDreamForce De-Brief29 September 2011
  2. 2. 10 years ago we had a vision…in collaboration with
  3. 3. Today we arrived in Mobile Societyin collaboration with 3
  4. 4. But what we didn’t foresee…in collaboration with 4
  5. 5. Websites went mobile: 2008 – 2010: nearly 2000% growth in number of mobile-ready websites Mobile-ready websites % of websites that have mobile-ready version Websites as ranked by Anexa +1,900% 3,000,000 Top 1,000 40% websites Top 10,000 30% websites Top 500,000 19% websites Mobile-ready websites 150,000 2008 2010Source: dotMobi Bizreport, October 2010 Thanks to new tools, and the proliferation of HTML5 support, brands are now able to provide a mobile Internet experience that works across all platforms and devices. in collaboration with
  6. 6. Web goes Social Social network active users (% of population, Web usage (minutes) Netherlands) Average Facebook user: 4 hours/month 2.5% active users 15% active users Rest of Web 2010 17.6% active users 2011 Active users: use service at least once per month Source: Erno Hannink, Feb 2011Facebook’s open APIs allows for online apps integration (example: online shop within Facebook), Heroku has integrated VOD on Facebook for Warner Bros (Watch Harry Potter on Facebook) in collaboration with
  7. 7. Harry Potter on Facebook: Heroku integration Facts  34.766.303 Fans  Use Facebook credits to pay  Integration done with Heroku technology • Deploy Ruby and Java apps in the cloud instantly  p__1Q Millions of people do things on Facebook that they used to do on websites in collaboration with
  8. 8. Social goes MobileFacebook today: “There are more than 350 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices” in collaboration with
  9. 9. Key enablers are now in placein collaboration with
  10. 10. in collaboration with
  11. 11. Social Mobile Products: are we ready to become friends with things? Toyota Friend UPC TV Coca Cola Machine Burberry Collect loyalty points with your iPhone whenever  Customer has total access to Burberry, any device you‟re near a coke machine. anywhere and get the same breand experience. Social Mobile Products are able to interact directly in collaboration with
  12. 12. Let’s get “Mocial” with social products & services beyond the car and the TV Check all appliances, energy usage and alarms Mocial Home Mocial OperatorMocial Hospital A social feed exclusively to my View your health status, Android device about usage, appointments, research results, costs and service? your scans and food selection Share, share, share in collaboration with
  13. 13. Framework for Mocial Products: Product connects with owner, Product connects community of owners – Identity: Product • Facebook-type of status updates generates an personal • Feed is accessible via App as well as online Social Feed to its owner • Updates can be shared to FB, Twitter etc. • Dedicated social network (Burberry, Toyota, etc) – Community: Owners are connected by the • Stimulate conversation and provide serviceMocial Product everywhere (Mobile) product • Create Promotors – Possibility: the product • Co-creation at any convenient moment (Mobile) and the community create • Social relevance (individually and for society) more benefits • Innovation: do new things Mobility increases reach, immediacy, convenience (Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway) in collaboration with
  14. 14. | Sector, Alliance, Offering
  15. 15. Employees go social: how are companies coping? Social networking at work  2 Basic Approaches Two Basic Approaches 1. “Protect the brand at all cost” • Protective • Prevent brand damage/legal damage by inappropriate tweets/status updates • Strict policies and guidelines in place • Ban social media altogether or very limited use 2. “Use social media to increase brand awareness” • Use collective voice of employees to create brand awareness • Create a robust and well-trained social presence • Policies are needed • Training and light monitoring/moderationStill not many companies have successfully implemented internal social networks in collaboration with
  16. 16. From Outlook to Chatter to Wireless Working out of your Inbox Working from a Feed Working Everywhere  Incoming e-mail and meeting  People, Projects, documents,  Taking your activities, projects, requests drive peoples activities opportunities: all have their own opportunities, colleagues,Characteristics  High risk of becoming reactive, profiles and social feeds customers with you on your swamped by e-mail  Empowers iPad, iPhone or Android device.  Not Social: No profiles, sharing  Integrated with  takes it a by attachments, No updates applications Chatter forms a level further cloud collaboration platform  Is Social!: promotes collaboration in collaboration with
  17. 17. Framework Mocial Employees: address the need for internal social network first, then go mobile – Identity: empl can create their • The social enterprise: FB inside profiles and provide status • Includes updates on work on documents, updates projects, activities, opportunities, etc. Low recognition – Community: People are • CollaborationMocial Employees connected and kept up to date • Transparency with each others„activities • Efficiency • Co-creation at any convenient moment (Mobile) – Possibility: the community creates more benefits • Social relevance (individually and for the company) • Innovation: do new things The Mobile Social Enterprise addresses and solves key challenges in employee engagement in collaboration with
  18. 18. solutions: building blocks for the mobile social enterprise Chatter for Mobile Heroku Bring “Facebook” into your company, bring it to  Develop and deploy Java and Ruby apps in the your mobile devices cloud Chatter unlocks your employee communities, Heroku allows you to develop apps and deploy them to the cloud straightaway in collaboration with
  19. 19. You must transform to become mocial Mocial Employees: Create the Employee Mobile Social Network • Collaboration • Selling • Servicing • Automated processes Mocial Customers: Listen & Engage with your customers, who are mobile and social Mocial Products: Extend your products capabilities to social networks and add mobile apps • Connect product to customers: relevancy • Connect customers around products: innovations Embark on the Digital Transformation towards the Mobile Social Enterprise in collaboration with
  20. 20. The future of your enterprise if you don’t go mocialin collaboration with
  21. 21. Contents Websites went Mobile Web goes Social Social goes Mobile Mobile Social Products Mobile Social Employees building blocks in collaboration with