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The importance of a mobile government

Infographic outlines whether European government services are prepared for the digital age.

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The importance of a mobile government

  1. 1. Increased customer satisfaction M Q B’ LE as mobile allows for personalisation of services and — burden reduction. Gov. UK shows mobile responsive GOVE R N M ENT designed websites attract significantly more mobile users. Improved operational efficiency and productivity. Offering a solution to bridge the digital divide. For instance for the 28% of Europeans that have no intemet access at home. Transform traditional operating fl'IOdC|8. Mobile signatures open up new opportunities for delivery of online public services. 1 in 4 public websites is mobile- friend huge variations within countries for business and citizen services websites. Pre—filling data into forms is pivotal tor a smooth mobile experience — however this indicator dropped to 45%. . ——%————————-—-——— Assessment included websites for starting entrepreneurs. unemployed] iobseekers and students. 3 n SW8 I’. To app or not to a ? That's the i§)uEstion. _UK Mobile _ D is leading the way: t mobile by default . ‘The mobile web as E a winner both from a -- user and a cost ‘ perspective. "