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Unleash Enterprise Innovation with Sogeti’s Industry Solutions

Sogeti’s industry solutions, built on Hewlett Packard Enterprise ConvergedSystem for Microsoft Analytic Platform System (APS) and Power BI, create a proven platform for visualizing, modeling and reporting data insights for industries including Healthcare and Retail.

Learn how to unite structured inpatient and outpatient data. Find out how to converge real-time inventory visualization and notifications from external sources and Social Media. Learn to capture and analyze data to improve your decision-making.

Presented at Discover London 2015.

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Unleash Enterprise Innovation with Sogeti’s Industry Solutions

  1. 1. Please give me your feedback –Use the mobile app to complete a session survey 1. Access “My schedule” 2. Click on this session 3. Go to “Rate & review” – If the session is not on your schedule, just find it via the session scheduler, click on this session and then go to “Rate & review”. – Thank you for providing your feedback, which helps us enhance content for future events. Session ID: TB6262 Speaker: Robert LeRoy, Pradeep Akurati 2
  2. 2. Data Driven Decisions Robert LeRoy Vice-President, Sogeti Pradeep Akurati Alliance Strategy Lead December 2015
  3. 3. Who we are 4
  4. 4. 35+ languages spoken 200+ top college graduates to be added to our team— bringing you top talent with today’s latest innovations 15countries around the world—providing access to global CoEs 80+ cities across Western Europe—giving you easy communication and local accountability 180,000+ experts strong as part of the Capgemini group 16,000+ EMEA experts 45+ years of experience— delivering expertise you can count on RIGHTSHORE®—ensuring the right delivery Onshore, offshore, or a combination of the two, our team can help you: • Reduce your costs up to 40%. • Ramp-up within just 2 weeks. • Scale to easily meet your cyclical needs. The right solutions. The right delivery. The right location. Sogetians worldwide Over 20,000 With Sogeti, IT is Possible™ 5
  5. 5. With the healthcare industry undergoing a paradigm shift in both care delivery and reimbursement, providers and payers are under increasing pressure to improve quality and patient experience while reducing controllable costs. Our Healthcare services are aligned to helping you achieve these goals by leveraging strategic IT solutions for support in patient care as well as related business management. Our solutions include: Connected workforce. Connected data. Connected care. With Sogeti, IT is possible™. Business & IT Advisory Patient/Member Engagement Healthcare Analytics & Secure Digital Operations Healthcare Services 6
  6. 6. Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution (CPRD) Sogeti’s Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution solutions help you provide consistent and positive experiences for your customers while gaining behavioral insights to build strong brand loyalty. Our solutions include: Better customer experience drives better business. With Sogeti, IT is possible™. All Channel Experience (ACE) Retail Supply Chain & Consumer Analytics 7
  7. 7. Why data driven decisions 8
  8. 8. Insights from all your data 9
  9. 9. Key trends in Modern Healthcare − Expansion of commercial plans − Access to alternative plans − Employer offerings Increased competition − Support and transparency requirements − Health information exchange − Customer perception Health reform − Silver tsunami − Disease management − High cost procedures − Expectations for wellness Cost of care delivery − Accountable care organizations − Acute care facilities − Consolidation of delivery networks New care models − Cross-channel consistency − Influenced behaviors − Track record − New benchmarks − More avenue for sharing Changing consumer expectations Changing consumer (members /patients and providers) expectations − Need Clinical data at the right time and at the point-of-care − Proactive care: risk stratification and decision making tools − New clinical/ financial benchmarks: FFV 10
  10. 10. Key Trends in the Retail Space New digital devices and ubiquitous, always-available information change consumption habits and provide new opportunities for corporations to interact with consumers Digital world Access to resources gets more difficult as demand from economic prosperity and a rising middle class in emerging countries increase pressure on the world’s ecosystem Fight for resources Awareness of environmental and social impact of consumption continues to get more important as people gain transparency and require new levels of sustainable business operations from corporations Sustainability New product and service offerings evolve to support growing number of individuals who feel more responsible for healthy consumption and healthy products Health and wellness Supported by new technologies and higher educational levels employees’ flexibility increases and corporations are required to adapt to new ways of working in order to retain talent Future working Increased consumer expectations Need data at the right time and at the point-of-sale Proactive sales: decision making tools 11
  11. 11. Data driven decisions with HPE 12
  12. 12. What is Analytics Platform System Quite Simply it’s Big Data in a Box Shared-nothing parallel database system – Massively parallel processing (MPP) – A “Control” server that accepts user queries, generates a plan, and distributes operations in parallel to compute nodes – Multiple “Compute” servers running SQL Server – A “Management” server for administering the system – A “Data Movement Service” that facilitates parallel SQL operations. – Built-in HA fault tolerance at every level (switches, power, drives, and compute nodes) – Hadoop Integrated natively or queried through natural SQL Federated Query engine (Polybase) Delivered as an appliance – Balanced and pre-configured hardware and software – Integrated, single call Support 13
  13. 13. Parallel Data Warehouse Workload HDInsight Workload Fabric Hardware Appliance A region is a logical container within an appliance Each workload contains the followingboundaries: − Security − Metering − Servicing ConvergedSystem 300 Appliance overview 14
  14. 14. Lower energy costs and usage Reduce tuning efforts while retaining high performance Simplify management with built in System Center Reduce the data center footprint Value through a single flexible appliance solution Accelerate time to value and insights with no forklift required for scaling outPDW HDInsight PolyBase Why an Appliance? 15
  15. 15. APS provides the industry’s lowest DW appliance price/TB Reshaped hardware specs through software innovation Price per terabyte for leading vendors Significantly lower price per TBthan the closest competitorPrice perTB User-Available Storage (Compressed) NOTE:Orangeline indicates averageprice perTB. Thousands Oracle EMC IBM Teradata Microsoft $30 $25 $20 $15 $10 $5 $0 Lower storage costs with Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces 16 Pricing analysis was done on the last-knowpublicly accessible information available, and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because companies respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided outside of the sources cited or after the date of this presentation. Source: Value Prism Consulting: Microsoft’s SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse Provides High Performance and Great Value; website:
  16. 16. Implementation approach Sogeti has internal methodologies for the below activities: - System Implementation - Data Migration - Data Quality Improvement - Dashboard Development These methodologies will accelerate the implementation by leveraging predefined process flows and templates based on proven best practices 17
  17. 17. HP APS demos 18
  18. 18. Aggregate Layer Typical Data Architecture SourceSystems Landing Layer Optional MDM for Conformed Dimensions Transformation Layer Integration Layer EnterpriseData Warehouse Business Semantic Layer Clarity/ JDA Supply Chain System HR System Financial System Ops Data Supply Data HR Data Finance Data DataMasteringforKeyDimensions Customer,Patient,Supplieretc… Supply Chain Data Warehouse HR Data Warehouse Financial Data Warehouse IntegratedthroughConformedDimensions Reports Executive Dashboards WEBI Applications Mobile Applications Predictive Analytics ConvergedSystem300 Operational Data All operational data (e.g. LOB Applications) Audit, Balance, Control and Validation Data Services (Web Services) Data Warehouse Meta Data (Business & Technical) & Governance Unstructured Data Unstructured Data (e.g. Social, Search, News, Images) Operation Data Warehouse DataWarehouseBus withCommonDimensions 19
  19. 19. Example Communications 20
  20. 20. HP Elite Pad for Healthcare/Retail 21
  21. 21. APS Dashboards with PowerBI 22
  22. 22. Thank you @Robert_LeRoy 23