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Career-Forward Information

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Career Forward Info

  1. 1. career-forward human resource career-forward solutions for the ever-changing dynamics of business
  2. 2. F Did You Know? ounded on the principle that a great business integrates a world-class Of the obstacles that prevent People Strategy into its core philosophies, Career-Forward delivers talent management programs from delivering business value: HR solutions that meet the ever-changing dynamics of your company. • 54% of Senior managers don’t The distinction between good and great companies correlates directly to its spend enough high-quality time on talent management. people. With over a decade and a half of top-tier Human Capital experience, • 52% of line managers are not Career-Forward has positioned itself to deliver customized HR solutions for sufficiently committed to people development. the small to mid-sized organization. We partner with you to understand your • 47% of senior leaders in business challenges and deliver a solution tied to your goals. organizations say they do not align talent-management strategy with their business strategy. • 45% of line managers do not address chronic Why A People Strategy? underperformance effectively. Human Capital remains a distinguishable competitive advantage in • 38% of CEOs and/or senior business. The solution to all business problems can be found with teams don’t have a shared view the right people. of the most pivotal roles. – Robert Sullivan Principal, Career-Forward – McKinsey & Company Exec-Coach360°™ Positioned to deliver results that meet your talent objectives and bring out the best in your team, our exclusive Exec-Coach360° program offers one-on-one guidance aimed at discovering strengths and overcoming weaknesses in your top-performers. Whether geared towards your senior leadership team, mid-level management, or high-potential development, Exec-coach360° offers personalized solutions to meet your organizational needs.
  3. 3. human resource consulting The return on investment in Human Resources can direction of your organization. With this information our be challenging to decipher. Traditional employee consultants use their understanding of the complexity metrics do not give companies the scorecard data of today’s marketplace to help you define and deliver necessary to manage their workforce programs a People Strategy unified with your long-term business beyond the short-term; thus important opportunities objectives. Positioned to either lead or compliment may be overlooked. Career-Forward’s consulting your current HR team, Career-Forward brings expert solution, Experience HROI™, partners with you to solutions to maximize your Return on Investment understand your business challenge and the strategic in people. Experience HROI™ What is your competitive distinction? The advantage of your products or services over the competition is the lifeblood of your company. Why not place the same emphasis on your people? Through Experience HROI™, our consultants will help you deliver top-tier Human Capital programs. Designed to align the individual’s contribution with the business objective, our goal is simple; bring out the best in today’s workforce while developing the talent to face the challenge of tomorrow.
  4. 4. leadership development talent management The alignment of individual performance with With talent as a competitive advantage in today’s business objectives is often an elusive concept for business world, Career-Forward recognizes that team members and managers. Career-Forward your bench strength is one of the most valuable assists organizations in creating a clear line of sight assets of your company. Through our premiere of an individual’s unique contribution to the talent attraction program, RecruitROI™, Career-Forward company objectives; this is an invaluable tool to offers industry leading experience in its efforts to your growth strategy. Additionally, a competitive attract and retain high potential candidates across advantage of any company is its ability to predict a broad range of industries to meet your needs. how leaders will perform in a specific role; both With our exclusive network of high potential’s, you experience and judgment weigh heavily into how are assured that our executive search techniques critical decisions are made. These are traits that are aimed at filling your talent gaps for today can be developed and sharpened through training. and tomorrow. We approach each confidential Career-Forward helps you assess your leadership search assignment with a commitment to quality; team to gain an accurate picture of the individual deploying recruitment strategies focused on and collective strengths of your organization. delivering top-tier candidates in the fastest cycle Through our exclusive development model, times while minimizing the disruption to your business. Exec-Coach360° , we create customized solutions ™ to assist you in developing confident, agile and Each solution begins by working closely with you productive team members that can remain to obtain an in-depth understanding of your focused during times of change and prepared for organizational culture and unique business need. tomorrow’s obstacles. Through our skill-development From this we develop a successful search strategy, programs, Career-Forward offers best practice to source and identify candidates that meet your solutions to individual executives; managing change requirements through our database and network. initiatives, resolving conflict, developing team Qualified individuals are then presented to you cohesiveness, communicating effectively, and leading with a detailed profile highlighting strengths and people to achieve the business goals. weaknesses. Finally, we aid in the negotiation of salary, benefits and on-boarding of your placement, ensuring a smooth transition. Did You Know? “Between 25 percent and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches.” – Recent survey by The Hay Group, an International Human Resources consultancy
  5. 5. strategic n Resources ma solutions Hu • Human Resource Consulting • Corporate Culture • Performance Management • Leadership Development People Leadershi • Transition Services ent Strategy • Merger & Acquisitions Integration gem • Executive Coaching a • Communication Strategy p an De • Talent Management tM ve • Succession Planning lo n pm le • Employer Branding Ta e nt • Professional Development • Employee Satisfaction • Career and Competency Mapping • Strategy Implementation The True Value of a People Strategy • Change Management Your business objectives are clear and can only be accomplished with the right people in • Executive Benchmarking the right roles at the right time. Career-Forward helps you meet the challenges you face today and tomorrow. Whether your Human Capital need is large or small, we offer world-class • Compensation and Benefits Human Resource solutions, top-tier Talent Management programs and cutting-edge Leadership Development. Our program is aimed at one objective…delivering bottom line results in Developing a People Strategy Human Resources for your organization – a People Strategy. requires knowledge of best practices, a commitment to change and experience in execution. Allow us to help you create a sustainable competitive advantage with unmatched bottom-line results. To learn more contact us today at: 330.722.2515 or visit:
  6. 6. career-forward career-forward 1272 Gold Crest Drive Medina, Ohio 44256 Phone 330.722.2515 fax 330.241. 4037