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Global issues ppt carlo


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Global issues ppt carlo

  2. 2. What Is a Global Issue? Affects a large number of people across national boundaries. e.g. poverty, climate change Beyond the capability of any one nation to resolve. e.g. migration, financial stability, forests, water Is of significant concern to all or most of the countries. e.g. communicable diseases, conflicts Requires a global regulatory approach to resolve. e.g. trade, corruption, IPR CARLONARBS 3
  3. 3. Global Economy: Poverty, Trade, Inequality, Migration, Financial stability, Debt, Aid* Global Environment and natural resources Water, Forests, Energy, Fisheries, Climate change* Global human development Education, Health, Nutrition, Infectious Diseases. KEY GLOBAL ISSUES CARLONARBS 4 Global Governance: Conflicts, corruption, UN system, Global compacts, International Financial Institutions
  4. 4. A Four Point Framework for Understanding Global Issues Anatomy: Nature of the issue and what makes it a global issue. (China has invaded a foreign territory) Dynamics: What forces are shaping the issue and their likely future trend. (Deployment of warships to the disputed territory, printing of map in passports) Actions: What is being done to address the issue ? By whom? What more can/should be done? (RP has elevated the issue to the UNCLOS) Consequences: What are the likely consequences of inaction or inadequate actions? (Without action, the other stronger countries can bully its way to RP sovereignty) CARLONARBS 5
  5. 5. • Demographic Transition • Global Income Growth and Equity ( social justice) • Scientific and Technological Innovation • Increasing Interconnectedness and Interdependence • Global governance and influence of civil society • Security and social cohesion FORCES UNDERLYING GLOBAL ISSUES CARLONARBS 6
  6. 6. Why Care about Global Issues? Economic Consequences Social Consequences Security Consequences Health Consequences Environmental Consequences ---and are often interrelated and compounding. CARLONARBS 7
  7. 7. • Failures of group decision making • “Tragedy of commons” • “Public goods” nature of many global issues WHAT MAKES GLOBAL ISSUES DIFFICULT TO RESOLVE? CARLONARBS 8
  8. 8. • International conventions, treaties and laws • Intergovernmental conference and declarations • G8, G-20, G-77 and other similar groupings • Global partnerships of governments, private sector, civil society organizations and multilateral institutions CURRENT MECHANISMS TO ADDRESS GLOBAL ISSUES CARLONARBS 9
  9. 9. • Countries • UN system • International Financial Institutions • International NGOs • Transnational corporations • Foundations • You i.e. global citizens WHO ARE THE KEY PLAYERS INVOLVED IN GLOBAL ISSUES ? CARLONARBS 10
  10. 10. • Learn about the issue • Get familiar with nature and the dynamics of the issue • Find out the actors and their actions (e.g. advocacy groups) • Get involved! • Use your representation and voting rights • Support companies that demonstrate social and environmental responsiveness • Develop support, talk to your family & friends • Make donations to support issues you care about WHAT CAN WE DO AS INDIVIDUALS? CARLONARBS 11
  11. 11. A Presentation by CARLO MIGUEL A. NARBONETA